Saturday, January 1, 2022

Another sneak peek of GMA's 'Voltes V: Legacy'

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

So Voltes V "Live Action" series is happening. And it truly looks like GMA Network is putting their best foot forward. And that honestly warms my heart.

GMA revealed a new teaser featurette for the upcoming and much-anticipated Philippine live-action adaptation series "VOLTES V LEGACY" coming this 2022. 

Overwhelmed or underwhelmed with the Voltes V Legacy teaser?

The 15-second teaser made eager fans more excited to catch a glimpse of the classic anime hit!

Maybe because the standards we expected were so high like Hollywood, but it is already an achievement to have a huge advancement in the Philippine entertainment industry.

The live action production of Voltes V got a letter of recommendation from Toei signed by Shinichiro Shirakura (Kamen Rider Agito, Zenkaiger). This didn't happen when they produced Zaido, a supposed sequel to the 3rd Metal Hero Series, Space Sheriff Shaider.

If the teaser for Voltes V: Legacy's featurette is an indication, we will get a lot of CG sets. What's impressive is that they are shooting this like a movie production, not your standard Filipino daily production.

The art direction in that live action Voltes V is all over the place. It's a very rough mix of realistic and fantastical. It looks like an expensive ad for a mobile game.

It definitely shows its budget in places, but you can definitely tell that it's all coming from a place of pure love & endearment towards the original.

This is by people who truly care about Voltes V, and that's awesome.

Either way, I'm still sort of interested to see the end result. I love that original series and...there's more Voltes to go around I suppose.

Voltes V Legacy, the live action series being made in Philippines based on the anime Voltes V, it's production has an estimated cost of about 1 Billion Pesos so far! That's $19,866,900!

This is GMA's biggest and most expensive production ever!

Voltes V is one of my all time favorite Mecha anime and part of my childhood. I really hope GMA Network won't bring us down especially the  'batang 90's ' fans of the Voltes V anime series.

Just a reminder that Marcos banned the last episodes of Voltes V because of "excessive violence" (when we know it's because of spreading rebellious content)

These animated TV series featuring Mecha robots were supposedly banned for being “excessively violent”. Voltes V, the most popular of the lot, revolved around themes of rebellion and resistance.

You think the Du30-Marcos clique will stop with "subversive books"?

Voltes V has major cultural impact in the Philippines. I was a big fan along with Mazinger Z, Daimos, and the other Mechas.

As a Voltes V baby, I'm getting goosebumps especially when the played the instrument song at the end of the teaser.  Wooo!!!

Excellent so far, my wish is they do it on a weekly basis not the typical daily teleserye to make a solid storyline. Anyways, good job GMA!

#VoltesV #VoltesVLegacy

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