Sunday, December 26, 2021

Kris Aquino spitting facts about PNoy's Achievements

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Former president Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) is very underrated and unappreciated President of our country. He didn't deserve the hate and sana maging tulay tong statement ni Kris para mabago yung perception ng ibang tao especially ng younger generation kay Pres. Noynoy Aquino.

Last week, I was doing some research about economic development of each administration. I was wondering why some people demonize the PNoy Administration where in fact- PNoy raised the bar and should be the benchmark of the succeeding administration.

Kris Aquino's IG post - on a Christmas day - was unexpected‼️ As in!

Alam ko namang magsasalita 'yan si Kristina pero hindi ko inakalang ngayon.

Trolls and fake news peddlers, I'm telling you, tumigil na kayo habang may panahon pa.

It's good Kris Aquino is on VP Leni's side.

Hell hath no fury than a presidential sister scorned.

VP Leni Robredo for President!

I’m glad Kris Aquino is coming out strong. We gotta slap trolls with facts. Radical love, yes, but the bullying needs to stop.

I love how Kris Aquino stated facts about his brother's accomplishments.

Bashers and haters and trolls..Shutup!

Kris is back on her fighting mode and i'm loving it.

I have been wishing for this from the Aquinos ever since people, politicians and paid trolls, started discrediting the Aquino family. PNoy is the best president. 

These are the factors why I admired PNoy, viz:

     1. He knew his mistakes, thereby he learned frm them;

     2. He never blamed anyone for his failures;

     3. He never made a promise he could not keep.

Simple qualities that differentiate him from the man, or monster, that we know today.

Mark Villar and PDuts will be like "by build build build", they actually mean "picture picture picture" for credit grabbing. Pnoy was the best President. In his term he practically minimized our debts.

Research ninyo kung paano ginawang "Rising Tiger of Asia" ni PNoy ang Pilipinas at napondohan pa lahat ng projects niya at paano lumaki ang budget ng Pilipinas at may naipamana pang trillion kay Pduts na ewan saan napunta at sandamakmak na utang tayo ngayon.

Just an assumption & opinion; the funds ipinamana from Pnoy ginamit sa Davao Death Squads & EJKs kasi eto yung maaga nilang nagawa kaagad -- remember mga nsalvage nun umaabot ng 10 s isang mgdamag lng. (RIPs mga innocent victims.)

Thank you Ms. Kris Aquino for spilling facts tungkol sa ilan sa mga nagawa ng kapatid mo po. Ito yung mga content na dapat nagba-viral at nalalaman ng lahat.

Kris Aquino may have made some bad life decisions in the past (which she herself has admitted) but she always speaks the TRUTH, always!

Eto lang yung spill the beans, spill the tea, that is rightfully spilled. Magpaka marites sa mga ganitong chikahan dapat.

PNoy did leave Philippines better after his admin than when he inherited it. We were the Rising Tiger of Asia up to mid 2016.

This admin will leave Philippines worse than when they inherited it. We're called the Sick Man of Asia. The poor pandemic response just made it worse.

In 2022, let us elect a President who is committed to put the country in a much better place after her term is done. 

Vote wisely in 2022!!!

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