Sunday, November 22, 2020

New Logo of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

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What can you say about the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ new logo?

“The use of the Philippine eagle in the new logo is intended to represent the BSP as well as the Filipino people which it serves,” the central bank said. 

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has introduced a new logo, which features a full-bodied Philippine eagle rendered in gold. According to the, the new logo took inspiration from various wildlife photographs of the actual eagle.

I like the old logo better. Minimalist and more modern. This looks like a copy from somewhere. Just my opinion. 

"Full-bodied Philippine eagle"? No offense to the one who made this, but the eagle in this logo is "bansot." And it looks surprised. Surprised also that the logo looks that way. Couldn't find a better graphics designer?

The Philippine Eagle is one of the world's largest eagle. The length of the legs, and the size of the head, also the wingspan are terribly out of scale. Even an amateur designer will notice what is wrong with the design.

It reminds me more of US government offices. Most of them have an eagle. Tacky, sort of traditional. But it is also worth noticing that it looks like the Gold Eagle beer logo.

Looks like a communist-leaning design.... it looks regal but something is off design and aesthetic-wise. The current logo seemed more balanced. No clutter, clean design and gives a feeling of being professional. 

This one seems to be projecting or trying to be regal in its image, but still seem to be struggling for balance.

Parang US emblem with that eagle, and China's emblem with that stars. I prefer the existing version.

Mas better yung current one. Magkano kaya budget sa project na yan plus the cost of changing all current logos to the new one on paperworks like stationeries and at the facade of their offices. Also, not timely since we still have the pandemic. A logo change can wait. Taxpayers prefer their money is used on them than spent on something not really beneficial.

It looks like they just tried to paste a picture of the head of the eagle to some other eagle body that they probably copied from somewhere else.

Is there's anything wrong with the previous logo? Why is there a need to change it?

In the perspective of a digital artist, a logo should be simple but memorable. If scaled, there will be a problem in terms of printing (especially in small scales), same thing applies when it is printed in black and white. The colors are vibrant than the previous one.

In the perspective of a numismatist (money collector and studying Philippine money and economy), seeing the new logo doesn't fit to the identity of BSP as main monetary authority in the country because in the first glance, it looks more like a logo of US defense or military force than a central bank itself.

In short, the old logo is still much better to use than the newly proposed logo. The old logo is simple, memorable, corporate, trustworthy and more appropriate for the central monetary authority of the Philippines.

Things that makes the new logo slightly unappealing to the eye:

First, Color Pallete was slightly off.

Royal Blue and Gold that was used in the logo makes it more left behind in modern graphics design. The pallete used was more of "Golden Years" theme and based on my personal preference it wasn't a match for this kind of logo.

Second, Too Much Details. 

The less details, less crowded the logo is, the more it catches the public eye. The details in birds makes it more complex to see.

Third, Too Common.

The bird position was commonly used in logo that makes it less eye-catchy. 

No offense to graphic artist, he/she did a great job. This was only based on my personal preference that the design theme wasn't a match to this kind of logo.

Overall, most designs come about for improvement.  This new one looks like a plagiarized downgrade.

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