Friday, November 27, 2020

Natular DT Virtual Launch Introduces Spinosad Based Larvicide from UPL Philippines Inc.

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Mosquitoes are deadly insects that can cause dengue - a disease that can lead to death if not cured immediately.

They usually proliferate n domestic environments due to the existence of stagnant relatively clean water that can be found in gutters, drums, containers, jars, fountains, and every possible object that could cotain water, and these insects seems to be classy enough because they thrive in clean and rarely touched water.

Thus it is essential that we have access to products like larvacides to help us eliminate the growth and survival of adult mosquitoes. Larvacides help us treat water containers that cannot be drained or discarded.

Natular DT's active ingredient Spinosad is one of the 16 chemicals registered as a Reduced Risk (RR) pesticide nd the only RR larvicide against mosquitoes. This it has lower toxicity to non-target organisms, low potential for groundwater contamination, ow pest resistance potential, compatibility with integrated pest management practices.

The Natular DT Launch was hosted by Miss Earth 2015 Beauty Queen Angelia Ong and Marvin Angeles of UPL Philippines.

The virtual launched introduced spinosad based larvicides for public health vector control against dengue mosquito Aedis Aegypti.

Natular DT is an entirely new class of Chemistry formulated to ive you greater application flexibility with precision performance.

Larvicides control mosquitos uring their life cyclein water before they become flying adults. 

#NatularDTLaunch introduces spinosad based larvicides for public health vector control against dengue mosquito.

The spinosad mode of action is the activation of post-synaptic nAChR- 6ad receptors

The product offers 100% innhibition of adult mosquito emergence until 75 days and its 14 times less than Temephos (1.4 grams versus 20 grams per 200ml water) and it's 14 times less than Temephos (1.4 grams versus 20 grams per 200ml water).

Experts and executives from both UPL and other organizations were also there to give out their own messages and some joined the panel to answer questions of the atendees.

Dr. Pio Javier discussed about their experiments involving mosquitoes. 

Their findings resulted to concluding thst Spinosad demonstrates exceptional control of he 1st to early 4th nstar larvae upon contact and ingestion. Visible effects are seen after hours f application and achieved optimal control ithin 24 to 72 hours, then sustained for more than 60 days.

You just need one tablet for 200 Liters of water to be treated. The tablet can be cut in half or quarters as applicable to the amount of water to be treated, also the over-excitation of  the insect's nervous systsm leading to paralysis.

The tablets are vailable in 50s via a blister pack. They are scored for easy splitting.

The product is a Green Chemistry Awardee recognizing the outstanding chemical technologies that incorporate the principles of green chemistry into  chemical design, manufacture and use.

Spinosad based larvicides were added to Brazil's approved  products used in resistance management.

It can be considered as a management tool in organophosphate - resistant Aedes Aegypti management.

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