Saturday, July 4, 2020

Tour of Container Gardening at our "Condo"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Almost three times the size of my index finger. This ampalaya fruit is going to be big!

But before I give you a tour of the veggies I've grown in containers, let us thank every drizzle or rain that has come to bless us.

Somewhere out there's probably a plant that is on the verge of dying because of thirst .... and thus revived by the rain, no matter how little and few its droplets!!

My prayers got answered so fast.

Somebody donated a bunch of used mineral water containers. He told me to come back if ever I need more...

Wow! Somebody up there likes me. :)

Hhhmmm.....I saw some using their empty milk cartons as pots too. Should I follow their lead?

Everything happens for a reason, but if it did not rain, I know there's a good Samaritan out there that will water the plants to keep it's species in existence..

With so many species of life for both plants and animals, as well as humans having different color, nationalities, culture and beliefs, there must be a masterbuilder that designed all of these wonders of nature, otherwise we are a miracle constantly evolving.

But with some using Science and Technology to reshape, not only to fix but to distort, God's creations, are we still highly favorable in His eyes?

Many of us believe we are on top of the food chain and that we are the most highly developed beings on this world. Yet there are still so many mysteries waiting to be solved.

Grown from just a pot, I already have 7 fruits from the ampalaya vine. I am not expecting every single one to be harvested as some do get aborted due mostly to insects like fruit flies boring its way inside the fruit to inseminate eggs before I even had the chance to protect them by inserting them in plastic bags.

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."

Grown from a dried-up turmeric that we would normally throw away in the past. Never expected it to survive after I put it in soil.

You can see that the plastic container is not even full of soil coz I try my best to maximize what is left of my few resources....and like I said, didn't expect it to grow.

There has always been a warm feeling as I go through this gardening hobby of mine. Every life coming out of the soil, and sustaining their existence until their fruit-bearing or harvesting stage, always gives me joy inside.

Yung kamatis seedlings kong doing yoga stretching everyday.. :)

How come I said that?

Wala kasing direct sunlight sa amin so they will lean left towards the direction of the sun, then I will turn the plastic container pot so they will lean right, then turn them again tomorrow so they will lean left again....and the cycle will continue everyday.

Ngayon makulimlim dahil umaanbon so they are standing straight this time.

My Aloe Vera has given birth to a baby AV

Dragon fruit cuttings!!!

Eto next kong target na harvest  so I can drink blue tea from clitoria ternatea or butterfly pea flowers.

I once grew this plant to a vine and had lots of flowers for tea.. but I had to let it go when the cats kept pooping on its pot.

Also missing my tarragons, basils, the collection of cactus and succulents...all had to go coz it's either them or the cats

Only lately I've discovered there are ways for both to coexist. Cats can be trained like dogs too.

So I guess it doesn't have to be a question of "who gets to live" but "how can we coexist" :)

So if anybody knows where I could buy this plant, whether seedlings or seeds, please do let me know.

We all need to go through some sort of challenges to grow a lot more stronger and survive.

just as you let a buterrfly break out of its cocoon on her own.

or a baby bird making an effort in coming out of its egg.

Growing our own food should be the goal of everyone. Even just a few of our faves or regularly consumed crops. Anything we can grow in pots or used containers, not necessarily bought but even just from kitchen scrap. Instead of throwing out our waste, let's put them into good use.

Make a compost bin to throw in peels that will eventually turn into useful source of nutrients for our plants, or setup a worm bin where we can harvest worm poop that can be used as fertilizers.

Reuse biscuit containers, softdrink bottles, old pots and pans, flour or rice sacks, etc., as pots.

Will it be possible to plant everything included in the Bahay Kubo song? Alternating perhaps.

Me? I'm happy just harvesting a few talbos ng kangkong or kamote. But nothing is stopping me from wanting to plant more.

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