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How Android Vs iOS User Behaviour Influences the Development for Your App?

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Well, it is hard to say hat your target audience is looking for. Whether they would require your app or not is a tough nut to crack.

User behaviour is also dependent on the type of OS they are using.

When you understand the nature of Android and iOS users, it will also help you to know which user group is likely to buy your products.

Ultimately, this gives you a clear idea about which platform to use for the mobile app development project.

By knowing the user’s choice of smartphone, you can acquire the information about the statistics.

For example, according to a survey, the iOS user tends to have more income than Android users. Through this information, you can have a clear understanding of how much money you can invest in your product.

Even if your product would be costly, but give benefits in terms of service, iOS users are going to buy. (Higher-income factor)

When your monetisation strategy is dependent on in-app purchases, the iOS app is the most profitable platform you could have.

If you think to monetise through ads, relying on Android is a reliable option for you.

The main objective of any app is to offer a solution to a certain problem faced by the majority of people.

If you are also not aware of user behaviour and how it will affect the development of your app, read our article.

Beneath are some of the influential differences between iOS and Android users that will assist you in determining each platform easily.

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Device Quality and features

There are some prominent differences between iOS and Android devices that influence the user experience and this also can be the reason you might choose one against another.

For instance, Android does not have any stringent regulation when it comes to app submission in the play store, whereas it is indeed very difficult to get permission to submit an app in the App store.

Android users lay more emphasis on freedom and customizability, which helps them to customise their phone according to their particular needs.

The iOS app takes a long time to develop and here the verification process is also very secure.

iOS users have the facility of the more consistent and intuitive app experience, which is a virtue appreciated by all its users.

Spending Behaviour of the Consumer

Knowing how each user would pay for in-app purchases or app is not at all easy.

There is a huge gap between the spending of an Android user for an app and iOS user.

According to a survey, the Google play store only generated $24.8 billion USD whereas the App store generated 2X income that is $46.6 billion USD.

iOS users mostly spend more on cosmetics and clothing. This information can be very much beneficial for brands that are working hard to create an app or want to generate income from the paid apps.

Android apps generally rely on mobile advertising because it is the main source of their revenue.

Demographics of the User

Today, Android holds a 2/3rd of the global market share. It is because of the popularity of Android users in developing countries and the lower-income class.

iOS is more popular in countries such as Uk, Japan, and North America for better income level and education.

Therefore, you can easily get access to reputed iOS app development services in Sydney.

Studies have also suggested that when app engagement is higher, it tends to do more investment for the app.

According to a mobile gaming app report by liftoff shows that women made more in-app purchases, which was 26 per cent higher than the men.

The factors like purchasing decisions, income, and location of the individuals impacted the engagement activities in enrolling subscription and in-app purchases. You must consider all these factors while planning to monetise for your next big project.

The demographic differences also play a vital role in influencing which type of app a user will download.

Engagement and Retention Ratio

iOS and Android users use their devices for finding the relevant content as per their needs.

iOS users bagged the title of power users for engaging with more content on their devices for a prolonged period of time.

The speed of notification is also faster in iOS in comparison to Android devices.

According to a survey conducted by Leanplum, iOS users roughly open a notification in seven minutes whereas Android users open the notification in 48 minutes.

You might not know that the number of media users chooses Android devices.

Android users generally prefer high performance, utility, and secure apps.

When it comes to security and performance of the app in different categories, android users spend fives times more money than iOS users.

There are various objectives such as reservation, Subscription, in-app purchases, and registration where requirement varies for Android and iOS.

The performance of certain goals like registration, reservation, purchase, in-app purchase, and subscription vary between iOS and Android.

iOS exceeds in all these categories, the only exception is the registration process where the android users have maximum benefits.

The Verdict - Android Vs iOS

When you are focusing on which platform is better for your mobile app, you have to analyse what is the purpose of your application.

What is more important for you, a number of users or engagement of the users?

When you find your designated goal, it becomes easy to make an investment for your app.

Frankly speaking, you must develop an app for both iOS and Android to reach the maximum audience base, however; this is not always possible.

Both the Android and iOS platform have their unique pros and cons, therefore when you understand the difference between them, it can help you to make more prominent decisions for the development of an app.

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