Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Dillon Danis to Pay for Bullied Kid's Jiu-Jitsu Gym

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One of the most ruthless things that can ever happen to a kid is bullying. It brings a mental trauma which the kid isn't mature enough to handle, because at times we have seen even the toughest people giving in to such incidents. However, when a video of a kid being bullied by his schoolmates surfaced on the internet, it gained a lot of coverage and attention, including that of the prominent MMA star Dillon Danis. Even the websites covering the latest MMA news have confirmed it that the MMA fighter, who is believed to hate bullying to the core has taken the video seriously and later, he offered to help the kid who got bullied in the bathroom of what looks like his school.

Dillon Danis came across a 72-second long video which showed a kid being surrounded by many others and was later thrashed by them for some reason. As per the reports of the UFC News articles, Danis was heartbroken at watching the video and offered the kid to join Jiu-Jitsu classes for free, as he would pay for the classes.

However, he received a lot of help from the netizens who left no stone unturned to make the Bellator star get into contact with the kid. The two had a conversation on the internet as well, and the screenshots of the conversation were later on shared by Danis himself.

He informed the kid of his noble gesture on social media itself. In an introductory message, Danis wrote:

I wanna pay for a membership to the closest jiu-jitsu gym nearest to you if you are interested.

Surprised as any other kid would have been, the kid replied: Fr, (for real ?) to which Danis gave an affirmative.

The kid was overjoyed at the offer and later on, Danis wrote why he did that. He said:

That video broke my heart my man sorry you had to go through that but I got your back. Let's do this.

Once the talks with the kid were over, it was Dillon Danis who told the media that he has already set up the gym for the kid and that he is working on the finalisation of a suitable date for the kid to have his first class. He also shared a picture of the bullied kid dressedBin martial arts attire.

Dillon Danis, who is a jiu-jitsu professional himself and a coach of the UFC fighter ConorMcGregor, has time and again told the World that bullying is evil and it should be put to an end. Also, he had made a similar offer to another kid, who was supposedly bullied in his locker room by other kids. This happened almost a month back and Danis paid for his jiu-jitsu classes as well.

As a martial artist, Danis is seen promoting such gestures and he has time and again
iterated that martial arts are for a bigger purpose — of not having to use them, which is an aggressive defence strategy in hand to hand combat.

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