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15 Things You Didn't Know About Coupon and Promo Codes

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When it comes to coupon and promo codes, many people have a basic and rather twisted understanding. For instance, while some people will seldom make a purchase before finding a coupon offer, others believe that things like extreme couponing are a complete waste of time.

Today, we hope to put all that to rest and help you understand the topic better. To achieve this, here is a quick overview of 15 things you didnt know about coupons and promo codes.

1. Promo codes and coupons are two different things
Many people allude to the fact that the two terms mean one and the same thing. However, they couldn't be further from the truth. A coupon refers to an image given that can be redeemed for discounts while a promo code is a computer-generated code used to get discounts on items and orders.

2. Some stores allow two promotional codes in one order

Once in a while, you will come across two amazing deals like 30% off your order plus free shipping. Though many stores will limit you to using only one code per order, a good number will let you use both.

3. Promo codes fall into 4 categories

These are the following:

  1. A $$ off order: This code lets a specific dollar amount be snipped off your shop
  2. A % offer: This code gives you a certain percentage off your order
  3. Free products: This offers you something extra alongside your order
  4. A delivery offer: This code gives you free delivery on your order

4. Some codes are case sensitive

You might have realized your codes dont work when you used small caps. This is because some are case-sensitive. To avoid any trouble, always copy paste codes before using them.

5. Certain retailers limit the use of codes by location

Although this is not a regular problem, some merchants work within country borderlines.

6. Coupons and promo codes have expiry dates

Dont hold to your coupons or promo codes forever; they all have expiry dates after which they wont work. The exact validity period can be found on their terms and conditions page.

7. Some codes wont work for certain sale stock and brands

Again, this information can be found on the coupon and promo codes terms and conditions.

8. Promo codes can no be used if wrongly activated

If your code doesnt respond, call the retailer and have them confirm whether they have been activated on their end.

9. Most promo codes have a minimum purchase

The minimum cost refers to the cost of actual items in the order that qualifies you for the discount. You have to meet this minimum before using the promo code.

10. Some retailers hide the redeem option on their payment process

Often, you will see a redeem or use option during the payment process. When you click on it, you will need to enter the code at the checkout stage. Beware as some stores hide this last step hence forcing you to do more research on how to use the code.

11. Both can be found on merchant websites

Sure, the best place to find coupon and promo codes is email newsletters and retail blog posts but a few merchants also hide them on their websites

12. They can also be found in the wild

Apart from mailing newsletters and merchant websites, coupons and promo codes can also be dug out from online resources.

13. Retailers use coupon and promo codes as an incentive

Were you perturbed by how nice the customer care rep was when you asked him to activate your code? It is simply because the store actually wants you to hurry and shop there.

14. Promo codes can help track ROI

If you want to keep track of your ROI, use promo codes. Since they generate barcodes and QR codes, you can monitor the interactions between customers and promotions.

15. Codes help limit participation during promotions

Codes are invaluable if you want to limit the number of participants in your upcoming promotion or if you intend to share the discounts with a few users.

There you have it: 15 things you didnt know about coupon and promo codes. Hopefully, weve put a few things in perspective with regards to saving money using coupons and promo codes.

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