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6 Furniture Promotions You Should Never Miss

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Purchasing furniture can be quite a costly affair especially without prior planning. Planning is critical because that way you can organize to make your purchase during promotion periods. I recall a time I had to attend dinner at a friend's place. It was more of a friends’ affair, so a couple of us were gathered having fun and enjoying ourselves. I couldn't help but notice her amazing sofas, and I just had to compliment them and make some inquiries. She mentioned the store, maintenance, and price. It was then that one of our companions was left cursing. She had the exact furniture, although a different color and at almost double the price!

What made the big difference? It’s all about taking advantage of the discounts and offers by the furniture stores. Getting quality furniture will require you to part with a significant amount of cash, but the various discounts deals can help ease that burden.

Here’s a list of 6 furniture promotions that you should never miss:

Raffles and Giveaways

Well, frankly high-end furniture stores tend to have slow traffic most of the year considering the tough economic times we are in. Although sales will spike during certain periods, it may not be enough to keep the place running. Raffles and giveaways are among ways such stores maintain the traffic. Customers ought to take advantage of such since they get to purchase beautiful high quality furniture for less.

Black Friday

Black Friday is celebrated across the globe, with prices dipping for the majority of products furniture included. During black Friday you can purchase furniture, household and electronic goods for half or even less the standard rate. It's all a matter of proper planning and timing.

Customer Appreciation Events

The best stores take the time to appreciate their customers. Invite your clientele and provide refreshments. Food can be quite an enticer. You'll have a higher chance of maintaining and adding to your customer list. During such events, the furniture pricing will be less by a couple of digits and which customers are encouraged to take advantage of.

Discounts and Coupons

"Are you a first-time customer? Then we have a 10% discount for you." You've probably come across that phrase in several stores. That is just one of the many discounts alternatives provided by furniture stores. There are also coupons especially when you go online. For example, the #1 Nolah Mattress Coupons company makes it cheaper for you when making a purchase. Such promotions make it possible for customers to purchase high-end quality products for less.

Free Shipping

Sometimes, the discounts that furniture stores provide may not warrant a purchase due to other logistic issues such as shipping among others. Many stores have gone the extra mile and will offer free shipping which significantly reduces the prices of goods. All customers need to take advantage of such an opportunity.

Holiday Offers

During the holidays is probably the best time to make your purchase. The pricing of the majority of furniture items will reduce by a significant amount, in some cases $200 or more. Whether it's Labor Day, Christmas and so on, you'll buy furniture for less. Find out the holidays in your country, and get to make your purchase cheaply.

So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a discount the next time you go mattress shopping. Stores will run numerous promotions to woo customers and move products fast.

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