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Essential Online Tools for Travel Agents

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Travel agents often have to wow their clients in the corporate sector with an ideal and beneficial business trip experience. Such expectations come with the demand for the right tools. A good travel agent must, therefore, have the right tools to deal with analytics, travel insurance, bookings, risk assessment and expense management.

Booking tools

Travel agents often need to find the right flight, accommodation, and local travel arrangements in time. To boost these booking services, it is essential to use online tools, as they are fast and save on costs. A streamlined booking of flights is possible using such technologies as FlightTrack 5 available on the App Store and Google Play. Through this app one can become a first-call travel agent. This tool allows a travel agent to book flights seamlessly and save their clients from panicking due to delayed flights or over the change of plans at the last minute of travel. The right booking tool is key to a satisfied tourist. A good booking tool is thus necessary to have a travel agent.

Risk management tools

A travel agent needs to ensure the clients safety throughout their trip. Such protection comes with the need to have the right risk management tools. An accurate and up-to-date risk management system that ensures that the passport details and every tiny detail of the trip are well taken care of in time. A worldwide presence, for example, is one way of ensuring that the agent works seamlessly to deal with the clients needs. To manage duties across the global front, it is important to have such online tools such as Toggl that makes it easy to stay on track and ensure the efficiency of the travel system. The risk management may also cover insurance and language barriers, says Martin Hall, Director of Risk Management at SolidEssay. By having a global insurance cover package, a travel agent can secure their clients in every corner of the globe.

Communication tools

Communication in this global economy is quite important for travel agents. They must find ways of always being in touch with their staff and clients. Travel agents, therefore, need to have essential communication tools to alert them of any changes in safety guidance or itinerary within the travel destinations. One online tool that can enhance communication is the use of UberConference. This app is a conference call app that gives the travel agent an opportunity to make real-time communication and transactions across the globe. “Moreover, communication can be improved through Google apps for work, says Amanda Hayes, Communication Director at ConfidentWriters. This Google apps package contains an email system, online storage, shared calendars, and video conferencing tools. These apps are essential for collaboration and sharing of ideas within an organization. Travel agents can develop a G-suite that contains all these applications, get the employees to sign in to a similar forum and seamlessly share documents and ideas through these platforms. These online communication tools, therefore, promote communication and bring the world closer to the travel agent. He or she can, therefore, organize with much ease by using these tools.

Analytics tools

When soliciting for travel agents, clients often have too much in mind such that they cannot deal with the pressure of accounting for every element of the trip. It is, therefore, the role of the travel agent to find the best services at the right price to minimize the clients expenditure. The travel agent, therefore, needs an online foreign exchange tool, excellent tourist attraction sites, hotels, and conference centres across the globe. The latter is attainable by using Mention application to understand tourist attraction sites that others post as well as Google Maps to get the real bearing of such sites.

Travel agents require such online tools to manage the various elements of tours and travels such as expense management, travel insurance, bookings, risk assessment, communication, and analytics.

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