Thursday, June 21, 2018

Great Life Begins at 40

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Recently, I saw the great actions of those men that is over the age of 40 plus but still going strong. In the name of the greatest sport of Superbowl football and main fighting event called Boxing. I would say that Tom Brady Jr and Floyd Mayweather Jr is kicking and beating younger world class athletes ass on its prime aged between 20's and 30's. 

I believed before that when you reached the aged of 30's or 40's you should retire, to protect your title of being a former world champion or hall of famer. And I was wrong then I stand to be corrected by the series of current event reality. 

To make a little twist and correction to that believe based on the facts proven by these living legends. I saw in the name great of Floyd and Tom that age is just a number. They keep on believing they keep on playing and fighting. As long as you are breathing nothing is impossible to make great titles, memorable games and outstanding remarkable performance. 

In sport, school, fashion, business, technology, hobby and in personal daily life. I see people exerting great efforts to make things happen. Even when you say Its a little been late to start at the age of 40 and above. well, its just a number and nobody can stop you from enjoying the passion and finer things in life. 

Which most people believe that only younger generations would. Same with dating and having a great companionship life. Some people may say that great adventures and memories are when we were still in grade school, high school or college. Then how about those people at the age of 40 plus? That's not being age racist or discrimination. 

But any age must have legally or faithfully same bill of rights. Am I equally right? Or Am I definitely legally faithfully right? Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y this is the real free world. As long a you are in legal or above the age of 18 you can always date somebody even at the age over 40. 

This is the reason why dating is great people with over the age of 40 had more experience when it comes to friendship, companionship and love. So see the charisma behind this dating agency.  Can be a big step for you to start a new beginnings when you come out from difficult circumstances. 

Based on our decade time table and if your willing to jump to try different 40, 50, 60 even 70s of your dating journey. As I saw in the movie Going in Style its not all about physical. Sometimes its companionship and camaraderie is another avenue to enjoy life and to feel young at heart. 

Even disguise as 20's or 30's with a senior citizen actual age. This site will help you and connect your profile to the people that your compatible and comfortable with. The smooth and safe site makes it easy to meet people in the most exciting and enjoyable process. 

As you may meet older dating - over 40s dating partner. So join free! and see how it goes round and round the friendly mature dating sites for seniors with a junior heart. There's no limit for love and age doesn't matter. So its never to late to find your new friend or soulmate in the world of imperfections.

Online dating can build you a foundation of relationship with someone while in the comfort of being home. So its available 24/7 anytime anywhere to boost your confidence of being true to yourself in a calm, friendly and familiar environment as you enjoy the life after 40. 

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