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The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Mattress for Increasing Its Longevity

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Mattresses require a lot of care and maintenance to ensure their longevity. A good mattress will serve you longer and continue to give you health benefits if you look after it properly. However, if you fail to look after your bed then, you risk ruining your sleeping experience. In this article, you will learn about some of the basic but essential guidelines required to look after mattresses.

1. Get a mattress cover to help you protect your mattress from dust
Dust can ruin anything, much more a bed. No matter how expensive your mattress is, dust will still destroy it. Thus you need to protect your mattress from dust at all costs. You can choose to get either a mattress topper or a mattress cover, and it will protect your bed from dust and allergens, wear and tears. It will also give you more warmth. A good mattress cover must feel comfortable when you lay on it. It must be made with a material that is soft, durable and warm.

2. Do not jump on your mattress
Mattresses are not trampolines. No matter how soft or bouncy your mattress maybe, ensures that nobody jumps on them. Mattresses will start sagging after being used for some time, and it is only natural. Hover, the process is accentuated if you abuse it. Jumping on your mattress can not only make it sag but also break its frame.

3. Clean your mattress with upholstery cleaner
Keep a bottle of upholstery cleaner ready in your home.  It will help in removing stain marks and spots on your bed. You can also clean your other furniture with it like your couch or your chairs. Set aside a day for cleaning the mattress. Some stain marks might be difficult to remove but it is a rigorous process, and you must clean it patiently. Soon the marks will disappear.

4. Don’t have food on your mattress
Avoid having any food or drinks on your bed because this will increase your chances of soiling your mattress. Crumbs from your food that fall on your mattress are hidden inside the folds of your mattress' fabric. It can result in breeding ants or other insects like bed bugs. You can also accidentally spill liquids on your bedding which will make it damp. Damp mattresses produce musty odors which can again attract insects.
You can check out new mattresses if you like a soft bed, and if your old mattress is not giving you the necessary comfort.


Mattresses require proper maintenance to sustain their usability. You must look after it properly. You should clean it at least once every two months. Avoid bringing food or any liquid on your mattress. Do not abuse your bed, avoid jumping or bouncing on them. These little steps can increase the lifetime of your mattress easily. Also, it will prevent the mattress from sagging. Hopefully, this article will help you to clean and look after your mattress.

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