Thursday, February 1, 2018

Internet of Things: Guide for Beginners

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You must have heard of IOT recently. Everyone from students to industrialists are talking about it these days. What is all the fuss for? What is IOT?

IOT stands for internet of things. Just like how computers communicate with each other through the internet, IOT aims to let things communicate with each other.

A thing in this case means any electronic device. This ranges from switches to cars to household appliances. The applications of such an interconnected network of things are endless.

It is easy to understand IOT on a technical level. Now a device you find lying cannot simply start communicating with a network. It is like teaching a baby to talk. To do this you program and connect a microcontroller to the device.

A microcontroller is a small computer that can gather information using sensors and connect to the internet through WIFI or some other means.

Once connected, the microcontroller can sense and measure any affecting factor in its surroundings or within the device itself. This is then gathered and sent to another computer through the internet that analyses this data. What happens next depends entirely on your application. This is where you can get creative.

Here are a few examples to get you started with IOT:

Say you travel a lot. If your watch is IOT enabled, it can connect to the internet by itself and set the timezone by itself without you even taking a second look.

Your home air conditioning system can use the weather forecast to control the temperature by itself or switch on or off as you leave the house.

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