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James Deakin Seen with BongBong Marcos, Infuriates Netizens

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Y'all remember when James Deakin seemed to be a beacon of hope?

"The effect you have on others is the greatest currency you will have."  says James Deakin. It's a very inspiring message from the face of motoring, specifically vehicle and road safety.  I never knew that he had such a humble past that most of us can relate with.  Indeed, there is no success without sacrifice and struggle.

So what happened here, James Deakin? Why is he seen hanging out with Bongbong Marcos (BBM)?

Deakin was quick to post a statement on his Facebook account but this was after so many have already reacted violently all over the Internet.

"So I woke up to a whole Twitterverse of hate this morning. All based on a single picture taken with Brandon Vera, Jun Palafox and Bong Bong Marcos.

Funny that nobody even knows what it is about, but already conclusions are drawn and judgement is handed down. If it interests anyone, this is for an upcoming vlog I call “How do you solve a problem like Manila” it is just one of thousands of recorded conversations I’ve had with lawmakers, politicians and other government officials through the course of my career.  It is what I do.

So all I can say is this: I’m not a BBM defender. I’m not a BBM detractor. I’m a transport journalist and road safety advocate that is passionate about finding solutions to this traffic crisis we are all going through. And that requires having conversations and interviews with a whole range of people. Not just people that I like or who agree with me. And that is the very least you should expect from an objective journalist." - James Deakin

The photo was uploaded by the MMA champ on his Instagram account. I've received reports that some people have already unfollowed Brandon "The Truth" Vera because he's been pimping Bongbong hard recently.

Now, James Deakin is shooting carpool videos and photos with that piece of shit - what most people, especially those affected by the saddest part of Philippine history called Martial Law, would say. This has been aggravated now that we see President Duterte seemingly applying the same moves of the Marcoses - from implementing Martial Law to reacting negatively with media critics.

Vera didn't grow up here, and he's had a lot of punches and kicks hit his head, so that might be the reason he ain't thinking right. But sadly, this issue may lessen his fandom.

But Deakin has been here FOR DECADES and SHOULD KNOW how much the Marcoses have stolen from this country and the hundreds of thousands they had supposedly KILLED.

I'm sorry, Mr. Deakin, but you may also lose some fans too, regardless ifvthis is only for your TV show or whatever usage.

Maybe its just an interview. But maybe not entirely true as we all know that shows like these continue to exist by getting sponsorships, and BBM could have been generous for the opportunity to be seen with Deakin, a social media influencer in the field of motoring.

But unless we see that he’s truly actively campaigning for BBM, we should not reach for the pitchforks just yet. A mob asking for his head is a primitive way to find his agenda or ulterior motive, if ever there is one, because it coukd have been just the producers of the show who decided to have BBM there....and it's apparently something effective for Marketing the show since we are now talking about it. Both bad and good publicity could increase the viewership of their show.

However, let us not be too hasty in our judgement. If we vilify reasonable people for associating with scum, we will run out of reasonable people.

I, for one, is also very much willing to have an opportunity to interview even the most hated personality just to get an idea of what makes him tick.

Deakin does not really need much publicity for his online presence, especially that he gives away a lot of various sponsored stuff on his social media accounts, but his TV shows are different since very few people watch TV nowadays. Everything that's worth seeing and knowing is already online and thus traditional media is nothing more but supporting mediums that would soon fade away to museums, and memories.

What about you guys? Do you believe Deakin's photo ops with BBM is nothing more but an episode? But BBM's camp could use it as a valuable campaign material to make people think otherwise.

But why are we even blaming Deakin when it was Vera who uploaded the controversial photo. Similar to Deakin, Vera also has fans that look up to him, and the photo could irk his fans as well....but also gain him fans from the DDS camp.

We're also forgetting about Palafox.

Whatever reason all the mentioned parties have in being seen together does not really confirm any affiliations or partnerships. But when we see anyone of them regularly posting similar content, then our assumptions may have been correct.

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