Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Running for a Cause Shouldn't Be Messy and Nature-Unfriendly

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This suggestion given to a certain recently organized fun run applies to all fun runs:
"Instead of providing disposable cups, ask their runners to BYOB ('Bring Your Own Bottle'). Bringing a bottle while running is a SMALL sacrifice compared to the Earth we'll sacrifice just for our convenience. Also, there can be alternatives to bottles e.g. hydration pack or hydration belts which you can also suggest to your runners for their convenience. Keep the water stations so they can refill their bottles, but I suggest to do away with the disposable cups because this generates kilograms of trash."
It's actually a sensible idea that has been implemented in some runs already. I just hope that all fun run organizers, or even the ones similar to the "The Amazing Race" would emulate this practice.

But if the organizers are not ready for such, I might as well do my own thing so others would see it is possible. Just as some would say, "Practice what you preach" and if you want change, you have to begin with yourself.

The question many would ask is "How GREEN is your favorite race?"

With so many discarded cups (paper or plastic) scattered all around the race track near where the water stations are, you would find it sort of ironic to see these runners throwing away their used cups almost anywhere so they could continue with their run.

Nowadays when fun runs are becoming a status quo to show off or impress colleagues or peers, many would wonder if they even know what they are running for.

Mind you. This happens all over the world. Not only in the Philippines.

Your Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas is wearing the Amihan Sports Gear Hydration Packs. They can be use to carry 1.5 liters of water for activities like running, biking, hiking, etc. The bigger one allows you to carry other stuff just like a normal backpack. They are also available in vest types where you can hang water bottles (reusables). Imagone the convenience as the hydration packs allows you to drink from a straw coming out from your packs which carries the water.

BTW, I'm also riding a Nyfti foldable bike which is now available in a few designs. They also have one that is part bamboo in materials used when they partnered with Bambike which produces bikes partially made from bamboo.

I will be using one of them (most probably the smaller one since I'm just running the 5K) while running at the Plantronics Backbeat Run for a Cause, happening on May 28 at the Mall of Asia Grounds, instead of using plastic cups or bottles, or even paper cups, to minimize waste by not patronizing anything that will just turn into junk that decomposes for a very very very long time.

The Plantronics Backbeat Run for a Cause has a cool race kit with a fabulous Plantronics ML15 bluetooth headset which cost P995 on its own. This inclusion makes the race kit purchase seemingly more than just free especially if you run the 5K.

Plantronics Backbeat Run
May 28, 2017
SM Mall of Asia

Registration Fee:
5K – P950
10K – P1100
16K – P1300
21K – P1500

An alternative is the use of my own reusable water bottle like the Nalgene brand available at Both alternatives can be refilled at the water stations provided by the fun run organizers. They may add weight for the runner but it is a small sacrifice to make in exchange of making the world a better place.

The Nalgene water bottles are very sturdy and almost unbreakable. They are also available in many fab colors to suit your personality.

These options should be implemented at all runs so the benefits will be greater and the advocacy a lot more real and convincing.

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  1. That's true, it's actually highly important to remember about the environment while running, and it's awful that some people forget about it. I can say that I started running not so long ago, and I read a lot of articles about doing it right, and having your own water bottle is one of the important things. Also, such articles helped me discover Step App, so now I manage to earn by running, and I think all runners should do their own research to benefit the most from this activity.


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