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How to Travel to Nigeria on a Student's Budget

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Nigeria is a beautiful country from the point of view of tropical nature and African culture. This is a safe decision to combine adventures with a relaxing lay-on-a-tropical beach way of travel. Most students are looking for an adrenaline buzz. Nigeria is a perfect country to get a dose. This is a country of contrasts where you can find architectural beauties like Third Mainland Bridge, fancy hotels and natural beauties like Yankari National Park with its crystal clean wild spa and constant +31C water Wikki warm springs.

Is it a place for students?

Nigeria is a place of interest for every traveler. If you have doubts, you may explore and find all the necessary information there. Be it a student, a freelancer or a travel addicted person, Nigeria is a perfect solution for gaining exotic emotions and exclusive traveling experience. The country is not the cheapest place in Africa though. It is a combination of fancy hotels and Couchsurfing solutions like everywhere else in the world. How to save money without being cheated, tour sightseeing places of interest without getting in trouble? This is exactly what makes your heart beat faster during your trip to Africa.

Main expenses

It is nice to have a plan of a trip, especially when you have already bought return tickets. For planning budget, it is important to include:
  • Flight tickets
  • Insurance
  • Airport transport (sometimes it is unexpectedly expensive)
  • Local transport (bus, taxi, car/bike rental)
  • Food
  • Host
  • Entertainment
  • Souvenirs

Flight tickets

It is always less expensive to buy flight tickets beforehand. Start looking for the appropriate price already in 6 up to 12 months; it is recommended to use incognito mode for checking prices within low-cost airlines and do it no more than twice a week. One of the best options today is SkyScanner, which checks all the airlines including low-cost companies and represents the cheapest options. The website can offer options without a definite date. It means that you can find the most affordable option for the whole year or the period, which you are interested in. Take into account that there are regular discounts and special offers provided by different airlines. Booking in advance gives you time to wait for some.


Compare the regular prices with those offered by travel agencies. There is a chance that charter flights may appear cheaper than regular price.


Expensive hotel in Nigeria costs around 40 USD per day. There are less expensive hotels for 20-30 USD per day. For those, who hates fancy hotels there is Airbnb where you can not only spend a night but also find out Nigerian household traditions, which is an exclusive and even intimate information often highly appreciated by ‘professional’ travelers. The cheapest option, which costs nothing but a few karma points, is Couchsurfing. Remember always to keep an eye of your stuff. In spite of the prejudices, there are trustful options in Lagos where you can meet new friends and maybe even receive some help with planning a day, transportation and other. Traveling is all about meeting new friends.


Food depends on a person. If you are an eater, then you will probably need 15-35 USD per day depending on how much food you need and how fancy your standards are. This is true that a person should be very careful with local street food, but unfortunately price not always guarantees high quality or exclusive taste. Fruit is a good solution. Fruits are tasty, cheap, healthy, non-harmful and, which is the most important, tropical! Try eating it every day, and you will discover how nutritious it may appear.

Telecommunication and local transport

Most hosts have Wi-Fi. Still, it is better to have your own mobile internet. There are two options: to buy an international sim card beforehand or a local sim card. Roaming is in most cases too expensive and works best for emergencies. Constant internet connection is usually crucial for bloggers. Most travelers would like to post or send friends a few photos about traveling and share emotions immediately. Local transport in Lagos costs around 3 USD per day. If you are going to travel more then try hitch-hacking.

Entertainment and Sightseeing

Museums, national parks, places of attraction usually cost money. The prices in Nigeria are low, and it will be enough to have up to 5 USD per day for special occasions. It is always better to google online or ask personally (from a Couchsurfing buddy) the price beforehand or ask local people to buy you tickets, which may also appear much cheaper than for tourists.

The last tip
When traveling it is always necessary to have an insurance and amount of money for an emergency. Take some extra cash and a credit card that can be used in Nigeria. Remember that the trip depends on your personal perception. Be it an exotic tropical paradise with fruits, cocktails and new friends, or stressed problem-solving race, depends on you.

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