Wednesday, May 17, 2017

4 Social Media Tips to Get Your Startup Business Ahead

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Great things have happened to many businesses over the last few years—thanks to the internet, particularly social media.

Through social media, companies found a quintessential platform for enhancing their market exposure and expanding their reach with customers. Whether you have already established a global enterprise or just starting a business, you can bank on the power of social networks for your customer service, branding, marketing, or recruitment efforts.

Best Social Media Practices for Your Business

1. Be at the right place at the right time.

Social media channels exist for a reason: Facebook lets you connect with family and friends, Twitter lets you microblog, LinkedIn enables you to form professional networks, and so are Google+, Snapchat, Pinterest, or Instagram, as each has a distinct function that attracts a particular type of audience.

With that said, you should determine which platform will serve your purpose best. If you’re a fashion retailer for the twenty- to thirty-something, you could go for Instagram but go slow on LinkedIn.

It could also boost your social strategies if you know when are the best times to schedule your posts, depending on your location, target audience, and such other considerations.

2. Initiate meaningful interactions and relationships.

With people following you on social, you’ll never have to lift a finger to have an audience with them. By contrast, they are always on the receiving end of your marketing message.

If you’re bent on winning your customers’ trust and support, you should do more than saturate their feed with your sales pitch. People on social want someone they can relate to very well, whether they’re looking for a product or service or trying to support a worthy cause.

3. Form a social media team.

You cannot underestimate the role of a social media team in your startup. From customers to potential investors and employees, it’s the job of this group to take care of all your audience types by making your social accounts always updated, engaging, and responsive.

Members of this team can help you grow your business, as they share things about your company – your vision and mission statements, corporate values, company milestones, hiring needs, product launches, and just about everything that will tell people about your brand.

4. Be willing to spend for better and greater social exposure.

Some things can be had for free, even on social sites, but you can optimize your strategy by having a social media marketing budget to pay for premium services or features.

For example, you might want to invest in a good design or professional-looking photos or logos for your social page by hiring a graphics artist. Or, you could spend some of your budget for paid advertising being offered by social platforms. There are also social media management or analytics tools worthy of your investment.

In all honesty, it may get a little tough for your startup early on. Things could be a little unpredictable, which makes it crucial for you to find ways to nurture the business.

With the proper know-how in social media strategy, you can achieve so much with just the right amount of time, effort, and resources to boot.

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