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Top Ten Reasons Why They Love (or Hate) Ross Del Rosario

Wazzup Pilipinas!

How to be you po, Ross Del Rosario?

Has anybody sang you this song "You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you"?

We could easily understand why people love (or hate) you. This is because you inspire many to challenge the system by claiming yourself to be among the "chosen ones." To be a hero even when no one is looking, or when almost everyone is "bashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh! Over the fields they go, laughing all the way!"

We shouldn't have to teach people how to be decent human beings. It's common sense! But it's obviously not common for some people who just don't know how to detach themselves from their "animalistic" behavior. Our basic instinct is to gang up against a perceived opponent even without considering all the facts. We are just so trusting, and forgetful, that it has continued to hurt us for generations.

The most annoying bitches are the ones that hate you too, because their friends hate you. Joining the band-wagon? It's like jumping into a pool with a boost from the diving board even though we haven't seen if it has water. Not to mention that it's not really advisable to be jumping all at the same time. The diving board could not really support us all in one jump to our doom.

But that is how most trial by publicity has ruined reputations. These days, there is no more due process of law, or any investigatory reporting of facts, only social media travesty composed of "fake news" and posts.

Nowadays, you also get to the top not because you're good, but because you know "people." Many are no longer concerned with the story, they just read the headlines, and that's about it.

Now, just why do people love (or hate) you, Ross Del Rosario? 

Here's our top ten list of reasons why they love (or hate) Ross Del Rosario - in random and no particular order:

1. You always try to reinvent yourself while keeping your good traits - Believing that any man could always adapt himself to every situation may be your least strong point, but you try your best to evolve into something worth your partners' respect. Just as how chefs or restaurateurs keep their best-selling dishes, and introduce new or improved ones, in their menu, you are very much willing to change ingredients until you find the right taste suitable for your customers.

2. You come in too early at events - Only people who have something to hide will find an early arrival as faulty. Only premature ejaculations count as negative. Being early allows you to take advantage of getting the best seats at the event, unless they are reserved for the guest VIPs or the people responsible for organizing the event. Your genuine excitement and interest at events really shows that they would feel uncomfortable being with you. Early birds do get to have more perks and they could easily differentiate the good from the tardy who do not value the time of others. Thus, we recommend organizers to reward the punctual to encourage more people to follow this good trait worth emulating.

3. You go head-on with bashers - You give the self-righteous bastards what they deserve - a hard spanking in their butts! Well, not literally, but by courageously going against them head on without any fear is like kicking them. Most of the time you just provoke them as if playing with their emotions as if you are using them as part of a social experiment. There are times when you become inconsistent which gives us the impression that you really are just playing a game - mocking them until they bleed...or is it your way to get the inspiration to write? The inspirational rush is not as close to bungee jumping or sky diving, but we know we all have our own crazy sugary source of delight. We all know that these pitiful bashers are usually the lonely ones who have no love-life or are too bored with their lives that they also try to ruin somebody else's life.

4. You're a self-righteous bastard who hates self-righteous bastards - Seriously, we love the way you seek nobility, and honesty, among others even though it's very rare to find one. Many have failed you for so many times, but you still continue to give opportunities. Somehow you never lost your faith in humanity that is why you hate the current president of the Philippines so much. It is such an enigma for you why and how Duterte got the highest position in the country due to stupid 16 Million people who just wants to get even with traditional politicians. Now we got what we asked for, and so much more of what we never wanted. But you keep on going expressing your hate towards the unconventional leader who turned out to be worst than his predecessors. Unlike some who would insist being positive is the only way to achieve success, you believe accepting our faults is the best way towards the path to real change. After all, we can't make a better future, if we never learned from our past mistakes.

5.You disrupt the blogging community - One man totally ruining the community's reputation seems to be a little too far-fetched. They are giving you too much credit, or capability, as if you could really change the way people perceive bloggers. When some people band together to try to bad-mouth you with atrocious accusations even with the absence of valid evidence, they only prove that they are only threatened with your awesome presence. They could probably sense that you're already setting foot in their former territories that they are alarmed you would someday kick them out of their turfs. Sadly, they don't realize that opportunities are endless, and they would usually find us if we are really good. Keep on challenging traditional bloggers who have outdated standards. Sorry for those who don't understand how the word "disrupt" is used nowadays.

6. You believe in "well-balance" opportunities - While others try to maximize their time and opportunities by hopping from one event to the next, eventually reaching a point when the real essence of being a blogger is sacrificed. Some resort to just relying on press releases for "shortcut" or rushed stories. Brands expect to get the most media mileage as possible, yet we fail them by shortchanging their expectations. Too many events end up getting less quality promotions. Remember that quantity could fool those who only look at the numbers, but quality keeps those who actually do their research.

7. You have the guts to scrutinize - When most would try to please, you go out of your way to tease! You believe everyone needs to learn their lessons in fairness and equality. You criticize when you see people erring regardless who they are. For you, life is too short to suffer in silence. You would always voice out your concerns without fear of being banned or blacklisted. Who cares if you burn bridges with some losers? What matters is you gain high-speed access to the better ones. 

8. You don't keep grudges - There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be me, proving them wrong. Where else on Earth can you see someone who could easily smile and greet their detractors while looking at them in a straight face. It's no poker face but a sincere effort to patch things up even when the other party is too proud to admit they are the most affected. Some just couldn't accept the fact that others are quickly catching up to match or go beyond their current stature. Some people just couldn't accept sharing the spotlight with others. The world is too big to be too greedy. Greed moderately, please!

9. You claim to be the "National Blogger of the Philippines" - That seems to be the direct translation for "Ang Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas" and you self-declare yourself to be specifically that. You never got that branding through an official proclamation, it's just a tagline you used to remind you that everything you're doing is for the benefit of the Philippines. Having all those award-giving bodies confer you with the recognition for both your blog and yourself, some have even accused you of buying awards. They're obviously too envious to realize they're actually insinuating many other businesses also paid to win awards.

10. You are here to stay - Unless lighting strikes you right where you're standing, or seating, nothing else could keep you from being one of the most active bloggers in the Philippines. Your determination to be among the top bloggers is outstanding and deserves so much praise. No amount of demolition job could ever bring you down crumbling like an old building. Maybe your children would later on accept the daunting responsibilities of what you have started, with the help of equally noble souls aspiring to continue your legacy. Wazzup Pilipinas is here to stay.

Seriously, this is just meant to poke fun at his detractors who can't seem to get tired of spreading lies and exaggerating issues. We do know he has also made mistakes in his past but it does not mean that the accusers are right about everything. In the end, the real judge to our totality is the higher being up there who would eventually tell us if we have been "naughty or nice," and send us on our way to our well-deserved final resting place, ...or is this just the continuation of a never-ending story?

Regardless of what has been mentioned, Wazzup Pilipinas will remain an iconic online publication unwavering of its vision and mission to awaken the heroes within us.

But who said heroes need to be "boy scouts" like Superman? Modern day heroes are those that keep their unique identities intact inspite of a troubled and compromising world. They could be as serious as Batman, or as jolly as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, or too stiff like Captain America, or technically-inclined and dependent like Iron Man, or a uncontrollable berserker like Wolverine. What is important is to never lose our focus on the ultimate prize of saving all the damsels in distress - which apparently include us since no one is free from troubles - especially the monsters within us.

So, it's up to us who we will let out - the heroes or the monsters within us.

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