Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Partners for Real Change: Celebrating International Women's Day with Men Beside Us

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"Women are like angels and witches. When someone breaks their wings, they simply continue to fly on their broomsticks." 

My timeline is full of women standing up for their rights today, but many who tweeting under the #InternationalWomensDay are on the wrong side of history.

There is nothing more honorable and important than for a woman to dedicate her life to raising a healthy family.

I also applaud the women who have fought for their rights, & have recognized the equality & full humanity for all.

The struggle for gender equality is ongoing and the need to uphold women's rights more pressing than ever.

Those who believe that the Statue of Liberty would not make as much money as the Lincoln Memorial when they are both alive should think twice about what they are implying. This goes the same to women who think "More women in the workplace is not a badge of honour until there are more women leading the workplace."

Women should not feel they are competing with men for the top position. We should be lifting each other up into the same pedestal. Keep molding our destinies in the right way. No one should be above one another if we all want equality.

"The rise of women should not mean the fall of men" and believe that this should work both ways.

But feminism is somehow cancerous. The saying "If you educate a man, you educate a man... Educate a woman and you educate a whole generation" is feminist, and could eat all of us alive if taken seriously.

If you are a feminist, you will undoubtedly observe an increase in "empowered" correlated to increase in embittered and haranguing.

May we all know each other's worth, embrace our differences, use our voice and always look to learn from each other! There should be an International Men's Day if there is an International Women's Day. We should be empowering each other and not turn this into a competition. Mine is a broader perspective because we are better united, and not trying to prove to each other that we are the better sex.

Women are entitled to wear cowboy boots to their own revolution, but let them wear it along side men. To be strong, be brave, be kind, in the company of men.
Kudos to all the women out there that are making a positive difference, and to all the men who work with them.

It is true that women do not belong just in the kitchen to prepare meals for her husband or children or a bedroom for a good shagging. Both sexes can very well do the same chores, or expression of intimacy.

At this rate of change, it would however take another century to close the overall gender gap.

With a misogynistic leader for this country, we need to show what it truly means to be a woman - one that works well with men to be his partner for real change. As partners, we compromise by meeting in between our likes or wants.

It may be true that bad-ass females don't need a man to achieve something amazing, but she becomes more amazing if she can successfully work with a man. We should not be ashamed to say that behind every successful woman is a man. But hopefully it would be alongside every woman's success is a man.

I recognize all the strong women who've made an impact on my life. Thank you to all the women around the world! We love you. But please, let us celebrate #InternationalMensDay when it comes.

The future is not FEMALE alone. We both belong to this world. No one should be discriminated.

"They tried to bury us. They didn't know we are seeds."

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