Wednesday, February 1, 2017

#MayNanaloNa: Issay Gallano Receives Gown Worn by Miss Bulgaria at #MissUniverse Preliminary Competition

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"Remember the announcement made by Miss Bulgaria Violina Ancheva about the Sherri Hill dress that she'd give to one lucky Filipino in time for prom season?

Well, someone already won. #MayNanaloNa and she is the daughter (Zhyra Nicole Cifra) of single mom Issay Gallano! In her Facebook post, Gallano was able to take selfies with Ancheva when they met at the Conrad Hotel in Pasay. Gallano thanked Ancheva for having a beautiful heart." - The Philippine Pageantry

"Dear friends, I would like to give as a present my Miss Universe Gown [...] to one of you that really want it and need it," Ancheva wrote in a post on her official Facebook page. "I want to give the dress to a girl in need that can't buy a dress for her prom the next month. Please write to me a personal message for details." - says Violina Ancheva of Bulgaria.

She wanted to give away the outfit that she wore in the preliminary rounds of the 65 edition of the Miss Universe because she wanted to share the joy she felt when using it. 'I wanted you to its next owner feel beautiful and happy,' says the Miss Universe candidate.

The 15-year-old daughter of Gallano, a single mother of two, received the surprise of her life. "Thank you so much Miss Bulgaria. You have a beautiful heart. We wish you all the best. God bless you and your family" says Issa on her Facebook account when she proudly posted the photo of her daughter wearing the gown.

Gallano's daughter is attending her prom in a few weeks, but her mother - the only breadwinner - couldn't afford to buy a ball gown.

"I was checking my SSS (Social Security System) already so I can buy her a dress because she really wanted a memorable prom this year. And then this necklace I'm ready to pawn this just to add to the budget," Gallano said.

Gallano said she messaged Ancheva, but did not expect a reply from the beauty queen.

"Hours before her flight back to her country, Miss Bulgaria Violina Ancheva posted on her Facebook that she's giving away her Sherri Hill gown to one lucky Filipina. That lucky Filipina is Issay Gallano, a single mom who has been looking for ways to buy her daughter a dress for her upcoming prom. Before they parted ways, Violina asked Issay to tell her daughter to pay her blessings forward and give the dress to someone who would need it in the future. Miss Bulgaria may not have bagged the Miss Universe title, but she is a winner in our book." - Yes! Magazine

Much like Cinderella at her ball, a lucky teenager will be able to wear a beautiful dress to her prom, all because of a very special "fairy godmother" who visited the Philippines because of the Miss Universe beauty pageant was held in Manila.

However, people are now bashing the recipient stating that she (Issay) seems capable enough to buy a dress for her daughter. Many based it also from her looks and browsing over her social media accounts. Netizens are saying that it should have been given to a more deserving recipient who is really "poor."

Miss Bulgaria was in hurry to give her dress to someone because she has to leave in 2 hours and also she stated that it has to be in Manila so she can can give it personally. Issay message was lucky enough to reach the Bulgarian candidate at the right moment, and with the simple chat, she was asked already to give out her mobile number so she can be reached immediately. 

Of course, since CNN Philippines was there for an exclusive, they wanted it televised and documented for the whole world to see the generous "turnover." It just so happens that Issa was conveniently available. 

Do you believe in luck? This is one good example of being in the right place at the right time, or chatting with the right beauty queen, at the right time.

I'm sure Issay and her daughter would pay forward and donate the gown again to somebody equally deserving after the highly anticipated prom night. Who knows, they may also post an announcement on Facebook and share the blessing once again.

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