Friday, February 3, 2017

Confidently Beautiful with a Blog

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Regardless of the unsaid but obvious "discrimination" and "disrespect" towards bloggers, we are very much proud that we are helping out others with our content that were originally just intended to serve as our outlet to express our thoughts, opinions, etc, and serve as our medium to share our story and experiences.

Even though some are taking us for granted by offering demeaning and less satisfying deals or arrangement, our priorities overcome the need to demand what we rightfully deserve if treated fairly based on our significant worth.

We have also evolved to be more appreciated but still the intimacy and personal touch remains since we are not tied up with a particular entity that will hold responsible for our demeanor or misdemeanor.

The future is all about online, and many of the traditional media outfits have embraced already their fate thus the effort towards digital content has grown enormous and rapid in the past years. You will surely be left out of the game if you are without an online presence.

Do you believe that we should stop differentiating or separately mentioning "bloggers" from "media" (i.e. traditional media - print, TV and radio)?

Since bloggers are online media per se, and equally "influential" and could even have a wider reach, everyone should be collectively called as "media" instead to stop the "discrimination"

Though there are also the "online" media like Rappler, Choose Philippines, etc.(that are backed up or funded by "bigger" people), or the online counterparts of the traditional media outfits (that are equally highly financed), blogs are the more personal and intimate, and most of the time unedited, unfiltered and unrestricted. (Does it really matter if there's so many grammatical, or even spelling, errors...or the photos were poorly taken using a smartphone camera?) or mind the the numerous plagiarizing or "copy-paste" of articles and photos, otherwise known as "Sotto-fied" - named after the infamous comedian turned Senator of the country due to his popularity with the "madlang people." Filipinos are just fond of voting for anybody who makes them laugh.

If in politics, it doesn't matter if you had political backgrounds, or an actor's award, what matters is the people's grown trust in a specific "brand" by how they were promoted using any medium. May it be through the television, radio, magazine, newspaper,...or online via the Internet (free Wi-Fi at malls or coffee shops), all that's important for the "fans" is visibility or familiarity.

There's what you call subconscious mind-conditioning of which you are seemingly "brainwashed" - made to believe a reality which does not really exists but are forced to accept it as a reality by overfeeding us with the thought of it being true. Confused? You should be! It's happening right now as you read this article.

In the end, it's all about "reaching a larger and appropriate target market(s)" to sell products or services effectively (stressing on "effectively).

Even the "news" or "public service" is considered a product that aims to gain a considerable amount of followers.

If one has the budget or financing to launch a massive online campaign for the benefit of a "brand," that could very well make become successful if you just patiently invest incorporated with time and creativity, and a fabulous endorser to take it up a notch.

Nowadays, it's so easy to scam anybody so be warned that the "numbers" should not always be the basis of making your decisions. Sometimes, you have to rely on that "gut" feeling to know if what you see is too good to be true, or underrated.

To finally break it at a language you could easily understand, "media" today could now be even anybody posting on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram since the "words" or "testimonies" of the actual people are the "real" information or feedback we should all be considering when looking for our next restaurant, hotel, TV show, or anything else we want some sincere recommendations.

Even if I was not a blogger, I would always speak highly of "reviews" or commentaries that are coming from those not connected to the large media outfits whose "sponsorship, ads, or commercials" makes them biased.

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