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Scientific Fact: Women are More Attracted to Men with Facial Hair

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Science says it. Men with facial hair are more attractive. A study in the 70s and two more recent ones conducted by Neave and Shields in 2008 and Dixson and Brooks in 2013 all came up with the same conclusion:

Most women find men with a stubble or a five-o’clock shadow very, very attractive. Although the women’s perception of male attractiveness changed according to the amount and length of men’s facial hair, most women in the study found men with a moderate amount of facial hair to be the most attractive. Some women did prefer men with no facial hair, but to the majority, men with no facial hair were not very attractive and seemed the least likely romantic partners. Women perceived full bearded men to be aggressive, more mature and a bit too much to handle.

The study showed that, bottom line, facial hair matters. 8,250 women in the study who rated the physical attractiveness of men based on the amount or absence of hair on their faces can’t be wrong.

What do the study findings imply? Guys who want to get noticed and be more sexually appealing can surely benefit from some masculine stubble on their cheeks. Just by changing or adding facial hair, a guy could well attract the type of relationship partner he seeks.

For many men, however, the problem is more complicated than that. The reality is the amount of available facial hair varies from guy to guy. Some men have facial hair that grows in patches, some men have hair growth where they do not want them, and some men are so baby-faced, they hardly have any facial hair at all. The truth is facial hair growth pattern is largely controlled by one’s genes. Either you have virile hair growing on your face; have bald, patchy spots on your face; or have no facial hair at all.

But worry no more. Whatever your facial hair growth pattern is, MAXiM Hair Restoration can help you achieve the perfect, rugged look that you’ve been dreaming of.

MAXiM Hair Restoration does not just do hair transplants on the scalp, it can grow hair on other parts of the body where a client wants hair or more hair. Facial hair in well-groomed stubbles, a full beard, thicker eyebrows, chest hair, and/or a moustache can be achieved in just one session at the MAXiM Clinic, with a licensed and experienced plastic surgeon performing the procedure.

Happy clients have walked off the clinic and reported more masculine confidence because of reconstructed facial hair. They reported acquiring a greater perception of their masculinity as their facial hair increased.

“MAXiM’s Facial Hair Transplant is safe and effective. It can give you the beard and moustache style that you want to have. It would be advisable to be aware of the shape of your face before choosing the type of beard or facial hair growth prior to the procedure. Our plastic surgeons have great aesthetic sense and can help you in this regard. Square or circular faces should go for a beard shape that lengthens the face. Those with rectangular or oblong faces should keep the hair short at the bottom of the chin,” said Mac Fadra, CEO of MAXiM Hair Restoration.

MAXiM Hair Restoration is the Manila branch of the New-York-based hair transplant company with the mantra “Hair is all we do and we do it well.” It has been doing business in the Philippines since 2005 and has offices in New York City and Chicago in the US; Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and other Asian markets.

Facial hair reconstruction – beards, mustache and stubbles for men and eyebrows for women –are among the most popular procedures at the clinic.

For more information about hair restoration or addition, go to or call (02) 818-6000 or 813-3001 for a FREE consultation. OFWs and those residing outside Metro Manila can avail of Skype consultations or send us pics via What’s App, Viber or email.

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