Tuesday, October 18, 2016

No More Window Hours on EDSA? Have You Seen Any Violations?

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"In the Philippines, when a window closes, another door opens." - James Deakin
What does sitting in an airport waiting for a flight for almost two days does? Well, for James Deakin, it means more time to post humorous stuff like memes on his Facebook wall so he could at least share some laughter to his friends and followers. Talk about somehow making wasted time a bit more productive.

I find it funny to be seeing posts that poke fun of the "No More Window Hours" traffic scheme of i-ACT led by the MMDA. It surely is somewhat funny to be so literal in the meaning of "window" and how it should not be allowed on the roads.

Filipinos are truly humorous by posting their own collection of photos where riders use their motorbikes to carry and transport almost everything possible. Like what most people are saying "If there's a wheel, you'll find a way" or something close to that effect. Lol!

Who wouldn't be impressed with these riders or back-riders for being able to balance on a motorbike almost everything they could think of. It is also quite baffling that they are getting away with it...or I wouldn't really know since I haven't seen any news about traffic enforcers stopping and giving tickets to such cases.
"I wish them luck on their business endeavors so that they'll be able to buy a decent delivery truck, they look like a hard working people..." - RJ Nicolas
"Couldnt even put these on any 4 wheel drive without roof racks... the ingenuinity of the pinoy when trying to avoid the 300 pesos delivery charge hahaha good ol trusty yamaha kawasaki..."- Amy Abay

Making fun of the "No Window Hours," here are some photos submitted to James on his FB post:

Submitted by Garcia Edward

Submitted by Noel Macaya
Submitted by Lexter Sumagui
Submitted by Patrick Patricio
Submitted by Pat Pormento Jr.
Submitted by Nell Perez
Submitted by Jherome Bernabe
From the photos above, we see the humor of Pinoys, for both the ones who posted the pictures, as well as the ones who committed the acts shown in the photos.

These hilarious "buwis buhay" scenes are what makes the Philippines more fun. Lol! 

Seriously, Pinoys are really resourceful and will do almost anything to save their hard-earned money. Why pay for delivery when they can do it themselves? Why rent a truck when a motorbike is powerful enough to transport almost everything. Our neighborhood tricycles can carry a side car plus 6 passengers - four passengers inside the side car and and two as back rides on the motorbike. Making the passengers comfortable is given very little importance just so they could earn more.

Does these also show how powerful the motorbikes are, or how insanely stupid Filipinos are?

It seems we are sometimes crazy enough to ignore the huge probability of encountering accidents on the roads. We may be trusting so much that it may cause harm or danger not only to us but to our fellow road users or the commuters.It doesn't matter how safe we drive or ride on the roads, if there will still be hard-headed individuals willing to risk their lives just to save a few pesos.

*All photos were taken from posts on James Deakin's Facebook page

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