Sunday, June 12, 2016

Perks of Being a Digital Artist

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Art is such an amazing, diverse, and powerful thing since it serves as a medium for people to express themselves with passion and emotion. The term "art" encompasses countless kinds and forms, ranging from traditional drawing, poetry and drama to slightly different fields like graffiti, food art, and with the dawn of advanced technology, there's digital art. 

Digital art makes use of a drawing tablet connected to a computer, which unlocks more features that are beyond the limits of traditional drawing, such as having numerous custom brushes and settings at your disposal and the whole color wheel as your palette. Having said that, every form of art has its own advantages and disadvantages; it just depends on the person and what medium of art they find best. 

Anyway, ever since my dad gave me a drawing tablet last May 20, 2015, I've been exploring the world of digital art and I grow more familiar whenever I get to use it. Now that I think about it, some of the benefits I've had being a digital artist were: 

1. I get to express myself. Probably the most important benefit regardless of the art form, being an artist is having the skill to express myself in a creative manner. Art is my medium and it's fueled with motivation. 

2. I get to self teach myself lots of art-related stuff. Yay! I have a subject called "Art" and I learn it at home at a comfortable pace. I get to choose what I learn, study other art, look for tutorials online, practice a lot and so much more without spending anything. It also rids me of boredom 'cause I also love to learn new things. 

3. I can earn extra money and make use of extra time. Behold, my art commissions galore! Whenever a client requests or commissions from me, may it be my classmate or someone on the internet who pays me via PayPal, I get to earn money doing what I love. Earning isn't my number one priority though. 

4. It boosts my self-confidence. Not to say that I have low self-esteem, but I've always been known as the quiet, introverted, and slightly weird one in class. Albeit I'm not the best artist, I've received lots of praise which always made me smile and believe in myself more. 

5. I get to notice and admire the beauty in other things. Since being a digital artist involves detailed stuff, such as contemporary colors, shading, lighting and whatnot, I tend to appreciate all the colors and beauty around me too. 

So those are just some of the perks of being a digital artist. I actually wasn't that aware of them until I wrote this. Now that I am, I'm even more grateful for everything I have right now and I hope you readers can explore activities and do what you love too.

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