Wednesday, June 15, 2016

5 Sure Signs That You Are in Love with Her

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The guys from our editorial office decided to throw a movie night and let girls choose the films. Stereotypically, girls went on with cheesy romantic comedies. However, one of them was quite an intriguing picture – Intuition with my all-time-favorite British beauty, Kate Beckinsale. The thing is that main heroes were led by some kind of serendipity so that, in the end, they met again and became a couple. Of course, they could not know from scratch that thing would turn out that way. This movie made me think about how people can really understand if they love someone or not. In collaboration with my friends from Dating Ladies Site, we made up a list of sure signs that you are in love with a girl – in case if you cannot understand your feelings. 

You are imagining your future life together

When you are young, thinking about tomorrow and building long-term life expectations and plans seems like terrible activities. However, since you met the girl you are really into, these actions no longer seem exhausting and irritating. You gradually become more used to thinking about your future house, children’s names, how many dogs you want to have etc. Just give it a shot: close your eyes and imagine yourself growing old alongside with your current girlfriend. Voila! 

You are not interested in other women anymore

When I was twenty, I used to date this girl from my art studio. She was absolutely gorgeous and we had a lot in common. Nonetheless, I still remained in touch with a few other female friends – just in case something goes wrong with my “pivotal” relationship. That is how your actions do NOT look like when you are truly in love. You should be 100% into your girlfriend. For sure, other women are still attractive and good-looking but only the one you love makes your heart beat faster. 

You are willing to change for her

Men do not like to change themselves. Moreover, they hate it even more when someone tries to change them. However, if you feel that you eagerly want to fit your partner and, therefore, change something about yourself or your life – it must be love! The toughest decisions are related to lifestyle changes. For instance, your girlfriend might ask you to stop partying all the time and become more of a home-type person. If you are ready for such metamorphosis, the love train must be waiting for you. Settling down is not that frightening, guys! Eventually, it will become the most wanted lifestyle. 

You prioritize her above your own needs

I thought it would be exciting to talk about how you love her imperfections. But then I understood there were more significant things to say. Continuing our talk about earnest readiness to change yourself, we bring it to a new lever. In the patriarchal society (which the Western world really is), when a man downsizes his needs to prove his affection – it might be the perfect demonstration of his sincere feelings. Are you ready to give up some of your priorities to make your woman happy? If so, you are without doubt fond of her.

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