Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When Blogs Evolve Into Businesses

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Who was also busy writing about the campaign and election season? Were you also focusing on a specific candidate or party? Were you also highlighting their achievements and/or ranting against his or her opponent? Were you also receiving something in return for all that effort in your blog or social media?

Kaya ako naging blogger. I am too vocal and outspoken. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Well, I find it a big bonus to write about something that also interests me. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy the experience while you earn a significant amount. But the number one question is: Am I doing the right thing?

A blog is supposed to be different from what we read in traditional print, or online media. It's supposed to be personal since it should be deeply rooted with the blogger's own point of views and experiences.

But nowadays, there seems to be a thin line distinguishing the difference between the two since some bloggers are trying to be journalists, and with the popularity of blogs, many journalists now have their own blogs too.

Many have found blogs to be in demand and equally profitable since companies are now focusing on their online presence and digital marketing and thus bloggers have made it into a business by employing paid or subsidized staff and correspondents so they can publish more stories and tap more entities. The tokens, freebies, raffle prizes, and other perks given to both media and bloggers have made both somehow expecting rewards from event organizers. Though there are times when I witness discrimination, it has become rare for those who understand now that online is the trend.

There were numerous and obviously rigged raffles or competitions occurring especially for the pre-drawn winners. The gifts given during birthdays and special celebrations like Christmas are a form of influencing media and bloggers even if they would say it is just a way of showing the appreciation for all the help.

They say bloggers should not expect something in return but since bloggers do not have regular salaries like journalists who get paid whether they are freelance or employed, all those rewards in kind or cash are highly welcomed. Do not judge bloggers for expecting something in exchange for the effort.

Media has come to a point when most news are now gathered from the feedback and reports of people whose medium is through expressing themselves online - social media and/or blogs.

However, the presence of online media portals backed by high-profile individuals and well-funded by corporations and organizations puts the playing field back to the affluent who can easily spend for ads, equipment, staff, offices, etc., They are once again taking over with some masquerading as startups and unfairly influencing the online community with sponsored and biased stories.

There has also been lots of "mosquito" blogs and social media accounts that came out during the election season being used by the different camps. These online entities tries to manipulate by simply posing as credible media outfits.

Hopefully, the real and unadulterated stories will resurface and the people can become more critical and open-minded of what they read online since not all can be trusted to give you highly accurate, balanced and informative news.

Do I have anything against paid or sponsored posts. None, but you cannot get me to write something I do not agree with,... like promoting products that are literally junk or praise a politician which goes against what I believe in.

What can I say about people who accept paid projects even though they totally are against what they are writing about, ..meaning they are lying - word per word. They don't mean anything they are saying, but they have to do it because of the great pay they will receive afterwards.

Could you blame the bloggers if they prioritize the paid projects rather than the advocacy programs, or attend the known generous events instead of covering news involving ...errr...the fate of the world, the universe rather.

Could you blame bloggers if you see them flocking the huge events organized by the big brands, and skip the ones who only gives away shirts or USBs during press conferences or product launches?

Each blogger has his or her own story so do not ever compare one with the other. Blogging is never a profession, it is a passion, so do not ever compare us with anybody else because we are expected to be unique with our own creative ways and means.

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