Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Election 2016: Voting for the Next Leaders of the Philippines

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Whew! It took us 1 hour to vote. I believe that's longer compared to the last election. But this time, we were allowed to sit in line at the next classroom while we wait for our turn. However, it took us roughly only around two minutes to completely accomplish our voting. We knew who to vote for so we were done with our obligation as citizens of the Philippines that fast.

We rightfully deserved some halo-halo afterwards but I was totally disappointed with the halo-halo since the only attractive things about it was the toppings. The inside was nothing but ice and very little ingredients. This is probably similar to what most politicians are. They are only appealing from the outside but inside is the same almost empty and cold promises that you'll get after they get seated as winners.

It was hot and very uncomfortable in the classroom. The wooden seats good fro two persons (something similar to the ones we use in churches but smaller) were just too small and hard to sit for an hour, which made me think how I once managed to endure the same predicament at longer hours during my elementary school days as a student in a public school for three years.

Yup! I spent half of my elementary days in public school before finally going to private school all the way. I spent the first half (Grades 1 to 3) in a private school, then the other half (Grades 4 to 6) in a public school for personal reasons involving family matters, but went back to private school for the entire high school years.

I was always belonging the top section of every year level so I could confidently say I was among the brightest. I was focused on my studies but due to family problems, I was not well motivated to reach the top levels. I'm just your average student and the introvert kind who was also bullied by some of my classmates who thought I was too shy and the silent type.

For college, I studied at Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) and took an ECE course, and my means of commuting to MIT were using bus, jeepneys, and tricycles for more than 5 years. It took me that long because I had to work my way up to college as a service crew in three fast-food chains one after the other since these companies do not regularize or renew.

Going back to the voting, just like before, I decided on a vote that was not my original intention. There's a different feeling when you see yourself finally seating at the voting precinct and the ballot infront of you which led me to vote for what really is in my mind, minus the emotions which used to control.

Others think they are going to win by doing a protest vote against the previous administration so they would vote for the one who they think will fight for them. But sorry, with no concrete action plan in hand, they are just voting someone with the ideals of a mad man without the capacity to bring this country out of the rubble.

We all know that the previous administrations had their own corrupt and irregular ways, but who was ever faithful and honest to the Filipino. Every leader had something to hide and pocketed their own share of greed tat they got from being an authority in the Philippines. The VIP treatments and feeling of entitlement, the luxurious lifestyle and spending using the people's taxes, etc., However, they consider those as their perks and privileges in exchange of their expertise in building a nation. I do not approve of a public servant being treated as our superior, that is a practice we must remove from the government.

I believe using our common sense is the right thing to do since our emotions will prevent us from doing the right thing. Think of what will be good for our country on a global scale. Though I understand the plight of every Filipino, it is not enough to believe the promise of a politician without hearing the logical ways on how he plans to fulfill all those seemingly convenient promises.

With regards to national concerns, it is not justifiable to vote just because your candidate seems to represent the masses but without having any concrete action plans. It is so easy for them to promise the people everything but do they have the capacity and political will to accomplish such is always the big question.

I have never sided with any of the politicians but I would always side with those who could actually do what they offer based from his expertise and experience.

On a lighter side, my only wish is for the next president to get rid of all those teleserye junk which continues to dumb the masses. If you really want to "Ipanalo ang Pamilyang Pilipino," give them quality shows that will not just entertain but educate as well.

We should be able to discern well what is actually the best for them. ...and they will never be able to do that if our education system continues to be rotten because our leaders are afraid to turn the people to educated voters. We need voters who are well-informed and know how to properly research about their leaders, and not just rely on hearsay or what they read on social media.

BTW, this is just me so please do not hate me if this is what I believe in. If we have all the right to vote for who we want, we also have the right to share what we feel...unless the next President works on a way to suppress freedom of speech just like what happened during Martial law days then that will be a different and sad story for the Philippines.

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