Friday, April 17, 2015

Ang Buhay ng Blogger ay Para Daw Milk Tea Poisoning

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The life of a blogger is similar to the recent milk tea scare due to a rumored cyanide inclusion in a certain milk tea brand which left two dead (a customer and the milk tea shop owner) and another customer taken to the hospital. Thank goodness the third one survived but unfortunately lost the love of his life being the other customer was his girlfriend.

They say when there's a blogger rumored to be committing ill-natured activities, everyone else in the blogging community is affected. The same with what happened with the milk tea business. Everyone else got too afraid of drinking milk teas regardless of the brand and origin. May it be a local or a respected foreign brand. The milk tea business obviously suffered just because of an isolated incident.

When a certain blogger rants against a company for their foul products or services, the other bloggers are looked upon negatively as well by other companies fearing they may get the same treatment from other bloggers who find their company in error. Other bloggers who support the company may retaliate as well, especially the ones under the company's regular invites during product promotions and events.

Many are talking about blogging etiquettes, but very few tells you exactly how to do it. What is hilarious is, when these supposed to be sentinels of justice's sponsor companies commit similar irregularities that are equally unappealing for the masses. You don't hear them complaining because they are practically under their "payroll."

Their sponsor companies' absurd actions (that are beneficial only to the companies) becomes easily forgivable, but becomes community threatening if the companies are not a part of their sponsor line-up.

When they hit against one that is partnered with other companies, everyone else gets affected. These causes ripples of repercussions and consequences. Only the strong will survive, and when we say strong it's not because they are physically endowed with muscles, but maybe financially or influentially at an advantage.

We've heard news about the unfair practices of huge companies that affects us all, but you won't hear them ranting their hearts out to straighten up the companies' crooked ways.

When will this milk tea scare end, and when will bloggers shape up to realize we are here in this world to remain naturally biased. We are expected to take sides since becoming neutral would only mean lying to yourself. No one can easily change our mindset unless we are clueless to begin with.

Thus if you go against one, it is understandable since we were all made to think for ourselves, and we can allow ourselves to be manipulated if we keep on becoming gullible with just a mere rumor.

It is very rare for the normal and common people to stand upon his own, investigate and search for the truth. Only the weird and above normal would dare level up his thoughts to seek for answers on his own, and not rely on what the majority would believe.

Are you special enough to discern the difference between life threatening and mass hysteria? Are you brave enough to surpass paranoia and smart enough take advantage of the situation?

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