Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sorry Na Lang Po But We Love Our Perks and Freebies

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Some people have made blogging into a business, well at least - an extension or source of income, so please do not judge if they value some form of compensation like perks, tokens or freebies. Not all are blessed with enough money in their pockets, or other forms of generating funds, to sustain their means of living.

Every little reward or complimentary gift in any form, is appreciated because we have to accept the fact that everything in this world now comes with a price. If we want to drink clean water, we have to buy the distilled kind. If we want to be more comfortable in our homes, we have to install an airconditioning unit. Needless to say, if we want to continue posting articles in our blogs, we have to pay our electricity and Internet bills, others would have to rent from computer shops.

To expect to receive something for our effort should be recognized as something normal because our "life as a good man" would seem senseless if we will not be rewarded for our good deeds. Just as how a song says Santa only gives gifts to the "nice" and "sorry na lang po" to the "naughty" ones, you are lying if you say you do not appreciate the "gifts" handed over to you.

You must be living a lonely and miserable life if you believe bloggers who appreciate perks and freebies are the lowest of the low. You probably have not experienced how it feels being recognized or pampered for a job well done, or being motivated to do a good job. Even as kids, we were offered to receive rewards if we get good grades or do our chores and errands well. Not entirely as a bribe, but as a means to also show affection for the accomplishment.

"Sorry na lang po" but we believe that the best way to clean up the blogging community is to start offering concrete solutions and not only rant and complain about the issues all year long. We believe everyone has their own positive traits that we need to highlight instead. With the exception of those who just gatecrash events and do not really have any blog under their name, we should never go against bloggers only because they think differently from us. We must remember that blogs were meant to be personal, so whatever they put in their own blogs should no longer be our concern. Unless we have an agreement with the bloggers, whether verbal or by a formal contract or MOA, we should not dictate or force them to do anything they do not want to, which includes their actions on and off an event.

Since bloggers that attend events are the most visible among the many bloggers of various niches, they tend to be the most controversial having issues rumored by mostly fellow bloggers themselves. It only shows that the so-called issues rampant among the bloggers are due to some sort of "insecurities" prevailing within the "events bloggers" community.

Some would say its jealousy, some say it's crab-mentality, but whatever it is, it does affect the community in one way, but not enough to totally stain the reputation of all bloggers. It is an exaggeration to even think that a handful of bloggers could harm the general perception about all bloggers. This negative mindset can only occur in the heads of those who are insecure in the first place. If you really believe in ourselves, no matter what negativity exists outside our presence could not trample on our very existence. We would still remain great regardless of issues some bloggers are involved in.

Nobody should tell you to "shut up" just because his or her opinions are different from yours...and if you are going to quote somebody, especially when you use it as an example of a deplorable attitude, then that's clearly subjective to your own interpretation. There is such a thing as being sarcastic and satirical, just to raise an obvious point.

In the end, if it's all rant and never offering concrete solutions, then it is just contributing to the chaos that's causing the real degradation of the blogging community.

Ever heard of false prophets?

Will people think of you as the better blogger if you don't accept rewards? Will they build you a statue and honor you whenever you pass if you blog for free? Riddle me this, who comes to events and stares incessantly towards groups of bloggers having a great time? Who spends their time anticipating all negative news about bloggers and then sharing the story with the intent to humiliate further? I dare not go on because I know it's a huge disappointment to find out there are sad and lonely people out there who have too many time in their lives trying to prosecute others who just want to have fun.

"Sorry na lang po" but we love our perks and freebies. Would you hate us if people shower us with privileges, benefits, rewards and all sorts of gifts. It's their way to treat us for a job well done just as how we are generous enough to give something to our friends and loved ones whom we cherish for their valued presence or cooperation.

Life is too short to waste on trying to prove we are the better bloggers out there. In the end, it will be the people whom we worked with, and our readers who would determine whom they want to patronize. It would always be the People's Choice which would always stand out among the so called best blogs out there. It doesn't matter whether a blogger loves bringing home loot bags, as long as he or she delivers what the people want.

Kulang ka lang siguro sa lovelife, or something worthwhile to spend your time on. I suggest you write a book about blogging and perhaps read it again when it's done. You might learn a few things about your real self afterwards.

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