Sunday, December 6, 2015

Off With Their Heads: Chasing Pageviews and Rolling Heads

Wazzup Pilipinas!

So what really happened to the "metro guide" which blatantly boasts of millions of impressions? Are they no longer after quality content but are really only "chasing pageviews?" Maybe they believe posting rehashed trending and viral articles is what people perceive as the primary factor to be called the number one online site in the country. Are they really sacrificing content just to remain on the top of the numbers game?

Just like other sites which boasts of millions of page views or a lot of so-called impressions, the only reason is because they publish sensationalized and intriguing stories that only aims to attract curiosity and attention but are in no way beneficial to anybody except the rumor-mongerers or chismis-savvy nothing-better -to-do readers who have too much time access to online networks like blogs and social media.

I hate to say it but, what good are the sites for advertisers or brand/company owners/marketing peeps if the readers are visiting because they were lured by the tabloid-like stories that originated from the many corners of the Internet. The readers visit because they were tricked into reading the gossips so they are not really paying attention to the other articles which aim to promote their respective products and services.

Online publications do these similar stuff to increase their hits so they can publicly announce their rising page views but we should know for a fact that people were just enticed by the click-bait stories.

These publications are taking advantage of the feelings and emotions of the masses. They know we are too easily engrossed with stories that provoke us to immediately react on impulse, or engage us to post comments in retaliation. As expected, they know we would want to express ourselves either through Comments, Likes or Shares.

But like everything else, most of how things work are based on the "numbers game." Politicians who garner the most number of votes win. Reality TV talent shows are capitalizing on the text or SMS votes. People power succeeded to overthrow government leaders even though majority do not really even know the nitty-gritty details pertaining to the issues. We follow blindly because we were deceived by numbers generated out from less reputable sources.

I want to go on writing about this reality, but I'm just getting too sick right now sharing the truth. Maybe I will continue on a separate post. I should! I wouldn't dare stop because I do not want those retards to win. We should go against these kind of people who contribute in dumbing down the masses. We deserve better content!

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