Friday, October 16, 2015

Urgent Announcement from Wazzup Pilipinas Management

Wazzup Pilipinas!

To all PRs, brands, companies, organizations, individuals, etc., we would like to inform everyone that the Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook group will have a change of name because of certain individuals claiming to be part of the blog site

For now, we will be using "Bloggers ng Pilipinas" which is generic enough to let everyone know that the members are bloggers from the Philippines, and close yet different enough from its Wazzup Pilipinas group origin. The new group name should not give an impression that its members are part of the management of

Please be advised that the FB group is not a part of the management of the blog site. They are totally different entities. Not all of the members of the Facebook group are authorized to transact in behalf of the founders of the blog site.

The team behind will always inform our partners of who to send or represent us in all events and gatherings. Please only transact with me or my assigned representative(s) that I will specifically mention in our email or text messages. Please ask for their identifications so you can make sure you are dealing with the right person.

Below are screenshots of our post at my personal Facebook page warning everyone about a certail Richy Tam who we found out has two Facebook accounts but he apparently has befriended bloggers on this one account only:

Urgent Warning to the Public:
We have identified the scammer who falsely introduced himself as editor.

According to his FB account, his name is Richy Tam with FB

Beware of this person as he gatecrashed an event was a media partner. We also found out that this was not the first time he did it. At another event last year, he was also the one reported to have gatecrashed another event was also invited but was unable to attend. He again falsely introduced himself as our representative.

All the time, he was only after the media loot bags or tokens as he immediately disappears as soon as he gets them.

He is not or have ever been connected with

Please be advised accordingly.

Also, to avoid the confusion, we would also like to inform everyone that we are totally different from the Wazzup PH blog site. My good friend Ted Claudio owns that one and it features more about Showbiz and Entertainment and a bit of Lifestyle as well. also has Lifestyle stories but is more focused on latest News and Events, and Special Features where we collaborate with a lot of companies, colleges and universities, organizations, government agencies and brands as their official media partner and brand ambassador. We also have entertainment features but is not too showbiz-oriented since we want to balance the content and offer more substantial stories for the benefit of the more intellectual readers.

Above is our site screenshot and below is our logo so you would know the difference between the two. You'll see our logo in many events since we are often supporting many as a media partner. The number of media partnerships we have made are actually by the hundreds already. and to think that we are just more than two years old only.

This is how aggressive the team is. We are 99.99% willing to collaborate with almost everyone who seeks our help in online presence.

Since you are here already, you might as well vote for at the Bloggys awards :

I would like to request a few minutes of your time to please vote for my blog . This is a requirement for my blog to be included among the finalists. is at Section 5: Blogs starting from letters T- Z.

Please see link below:

1. Look for,
2. click on the checkbox opposite it,
3. scroll down below where you will input your name, email and optional mobile number.
4. Then click on Vote via Facebook (which means you need to have a Facebook account in order to qualify as a voter)

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you.

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