Monday, September 21, 2015

Using 3D Printing for the Wazzup Pilipinas Trophy Project (Part 2)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Here are some shots of the sketch/drafting views for the trophy, with rounded dimensions. The images here have already been modified a bit since we wanted to put a base where we can put the label or plate to indicate the name of the awardee, the award he received, the logo and other vital information regarding the award.

We don't think it will look good if we put it on the sun or the symbol of the letter P. The label is normally found at the base of trophies so we told Shapecloud if we can make the base thicker. Also, we should be able to put in that label/plate similarly to how a Lego set is connected so we don't need to use a glue or anything similar.

Another comment we had was "Do you think it would look better if we elevate some of the elements of the trophy so that the side views will not be totally boring. Like the P is one elevation higher, then the W is another elevation higher than P? Or maybe the sun and the waves? At both sides?"

Erick Chua of Shapecloud replied that it was a "valid point with regard to the name plate that you regularly use I suppose on your trophies. Could I ask the size of this so we can attempt to adjust the base or another part of the design while still keeping the dimensions?"

He goes on to say "I'm unsure how well it would look though, but we can try to look into this. We'll explore how to change up the side view as well, though it might be a little more complicated, and likely require a fair amount of remodeling given that the vector file isn't split by the factions of your logo (i.e. waves not in a separate vector, sun not in a separate vector, etc)."

Continuing his message "Also, I know it might sound off but adhesion (i.e. super glue, etc.) is actually very effective on the plastic surface of prints, and "connecting parts" like a lego mechanism would create significant risk for off fits. I'll wait on your information regarding what size you would be having the metal plates made (i'm not sure what these are properly called either but I think I understand what you mean here), including any space requirements, and pass this along to our designers!"

We were sorry about the revisions. We assumed it was already part of the plan to have an allocation for such since a trophy does need to specify what you won (at least we could put the words like "Most Viral Story" or "Most Dedicated Correspondent").

We asked "If it will be easier to just add a base and put in a rectangular spot in the middle that's either lowered or elevated, so we can stick in the plate there."

Below is a shot of how this looks via a CAD design software rather than a 3D viewer (previously posted on our first article about the trophy project). Watch out for the next revisions from the CAD design as Shapecloud try to incorporate our new requests.

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