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Splice Resto Bar at Greenfield District: Modern Feast for the Modern Diner

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There's a new restaurant at Greenfield District, specifically at The Portal, that will surely keep you coming back for more once you've tasted what they have to offer. According to their Facebook page, Splice Resto and Bar serves a fusion of classic Filipino and modern European cuisine. They actually sent us into a food coma when we visited but it was probably because they were just too excited to let us try out their specialty dishes (which was practically everything but the kitchen sink).

I would have written about them even earlier but I have been sick for so many days that I didn't have the mood to write about food (and just about everything else). I just wanted to bum around the house or go out at events being held just nearby.

Now, I'm a lot better after five days of stay in Bohol covering a diving tour. I'm ready to bounce back into blogging especially that I just recently received another award for being the Best Filipino Community Blog Site.

Yup! Your friend;y neighborhood Pambansang Blogger is back to writing after just being able to post press releases from our partner organizations and brands. The rest and wonder I got from the Bohol trip and the new recognition for is a great wayto motivate me back again to writing and expressing myself.

I've previously lost the appetite to eat plenty because of my sickness but now that I'm all getting better, I intend to make up for all the days I've gone too lazy to write. But I'm hoping I still remember the taste of the food that Splice Resto Bar served us.

Meeting the chef at the restaurant and listening to her already gave me somewhat an idea that she is ambitious enough to succeed. Apparently, she already had television exposure after joining a reality show so we can already consider her a celebrity chef in certain standards.

I was goofing around with some of the crew who were very cooperative enough to pose for me. Now that's service with a smile.

Even the bartender or should we say "mixologist" was willing to strike a pose for the Wazzup Pilipinas camera. I can see him smiling with delight "I'm a model!"

The foodpanda lunchbox and pillow was our reward for attending the Foodstagram Fest but the real rewarding experience is being able to taste the Splice Resto Bar dishes including the new dishes.

The Sriracha Butter Wings deserves an applause. It's the first dish to be served yet I'm already scoring high. They say the appetizer or starter dish should be able to impress already since it sets the mood for the meal.

Well, I definitely got excited!

The cheezy Nacho Grande is fulfilling at every bite. You'll soon finish this in an instant but be sure to remember that this is supposed to be just the starter and not the main meal.

The Chili Fries has the right amount of kick to make sure I am ready for what's coming next.

The French Onion Soup is remarkably satisfying at every sip. I swear I need to return to be able to completely eat up an entire bowl.

The Yummy Roasted Pumpkin Soup is a heavy hitter. The creamy soup was soothing to the taste. I would have finish an entire bowl if I didn't know we've only just began. I would highly recommend this to my friends.

The Splice Salad is a delightful collection of fresh greens topped with grapes and miniature tomatoes. The dressing passes the taste test with very little doubt. It's a sure hit!

Danggit to the max! You'll never forget your first bite of the Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara. Its like I'm back on vacation in the province having my buffet breakfast at one of the luxurious hotels.

The Bartholomew Burger is named after one of the famous characters of the cartoon TV series "The Simpsons"

I am not a real fan of burgers, but this burger and donut fusion is a knock-out favorite already.

The Slut's Spaghetti is truly comforting - familiar but enhanced taste satisfying to the palate. Don't mind the word "slut" because it's meant in a good way. But I can imagine how mistresses would react when somebody orders one and is served at a table full of diners you don,t really know.

The Lisa Burger is obviously named after Lisa Simpson. All the burgers come with fries on the side. The special sauces are to die for. I want something different long ago. Now, I am back to loving burgers.

Homer's D'ohnut Burger also comes with fries and do try out that cheezy dish.

You'll fall in love with the tender and tasty 8 hour Pork Belly Confit whose taste lingers in the mouth

Loving the tingling coconut taste of the Chicken Saltimbocca. Coconut milk or "gata" has always been a favorite of mine when combined with any dish.

The Tequila Mussels Linguine is sensational - dreamy mussels with linguine that will wake up any sleepy hour.

This is my kind of barbecue - the Beef Belly Barbecue will make you swoon in delight.

Beef Stroganoff lovers would appreciate the @splicerestobar version - creamy and soggy flavorful mix

We highly recommend the Mango Panna Cotta Crunch - "Sobra sa sarap!"

According to my newfound friend Sheena - "Nakakabaliw ang sarap ng Mango Pannacotta" - and I agree! The sour and sweet mix is tempting for spoonfuls more. You'll finish this treat in an instant!

Meringue Con Quezo brings back memories of my childhood favorite meringue but at a much bigger version.

The 8 Hour Brown Sugar Belly with Pineapple and Curry Rice is a new dish to give you enough reasons why you should visit Splice Resto Bar.

The Chicken Picatta was strangely different but good enough for me. I will never get over from the experience as it was a surprisingly satisfying bite.

Thank you to the two co-owners of the Splice Resto Bar. Your restaurant has everything I'm looking for when craving for the perfectly twisted fusion food with the right amount of umph. The day would become almost perfect if you would drop over the restaurant and order a couple of these dishes for your personal pleasure.

Get to know more about Splice Resto Bar from their Facebook page:

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