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Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady The Musical: Well Deserving of a Repeat


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My childhood was filled with superheroes. From the comic book to the cartoons in both movies and TV shows, I enjoyed learning about super-powered beings with out of this world capabilities. From aliens to mutants, or humans that transformed into powerful beings because of accidents like exposure to gamma rays or a bite from a spider, we all loved how the ordinary guy turned into an image respected and adored.

But just like any superhero story, there would always be the evil counterparts aiming to bring down the superheroes due to many reasons like as simple as robbing a bank or bigger like world domination.

Do you now why we love superheroes? It is because we all have that inner longing to save the world, or be saved by a superhero. Yes! We all want someone to rise up against the oppressors to bring forth the downfall of a tyranny, or we want all the criminals behind bars, or the corrupt politicians to finally be exposed for the real reasons why they would spend millions and even die just to be in government office.

Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady the Musical Repeat does not only tackles the eminence of being a superhero. It also deals with so many life challenges and realities. From the unfavorable conditions of the masses who are forced to work as maids because of lack of better work opportunities, to how we are easily brainwashed into submission due to lack of education and support from family, to the sibling rivalries at home.

It also picks up on the question why our supposed to be heroes that are making the country proud is being represented by foreigners or half-blooded Pinoys that we more familiarly call Fil-Ams. It happens in many industries. From team sports like basketball, rugby, etc., to showbiz where we obviously favor the mestizas and mestizos as endorsers or hosts. How come we cannot find a pure Filipino to represent us in global competitions or representations? How come we look up to individuals with mixed race, and look down lowly on our fellow men with less attractive features?

It also plays on the unusual love interests between uncanny couples that are never likely to be a perfect match, giving hope to the desperate that love is indeed blind and works in mysterious ways. That some people are not superficial and looks beyond the physical traits.

With outstanding performances by the cast, coupled by great music and lyrics accompaniment from Vincent De Jesus, and the amazing direction of Chris Martinez, this creation of Carlo Vergara proudly boasts of Filipino pop culture taken into the level of magnificence.

It is not the first time I heard of a maid working for superheroes because I still remember way back in college when there was a story that came out with an Inday working as a maid for the Superfriends (now we know them as the Justice League). It was more like just an animated story drawn in a really wacky way.

I enjoyed very much listening to Madre De Dios in delivering her lines so eloquently, I can sympathize with Nena Babushka for a love that could not be, I find the poses of Bazook Man really animated, Popoy Pusakal will be well-loved by his LGBT family, and Windang Woman naturally brings out an aura of graceful power. Truly the Fuwerza Filipinas is a mighty force to reckon with. Though it was unfortunate that one of their characters were Filipino.

The Kayumanggilas represented Pinoys that are envious of Fil-Ams, or our foreign allies. Their aim was to bring down the Fuwerza Filipinas. I can't figure out why they didn't just created another superhero group if they can't join forces with the foreign heroes. This is an example of when eliminating the competition becomes a primary motive so they can hug the limelight.

Senyor Blangko steals the show with his grammatical errors, but the rest of the villains were not really memorable except for the fat guy named Marko Marakas who sports huge boxing gloves and a big belly to match. Later on, Henyotic caught my attention when he started singing ala reciting a poem.

Mely,Viva and their mother could try to be more convincing of their chemistry. I wanted Mely to get more theater time wearing her superhero costume, and fighting the Kayumaggilas, but I guess the story is bound to end and continue with Viva as the new Leading Lady, and with Henyotic still on the loose, there is a possibility that a sequel may come next.

They can claim the right to be in Broadway for such an amazing feat. 

Watch them on their second run at Onstage theater in Makati from July 3 to 26.

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