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Top 10 Bloggers in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

If you're looking for the top bloggers in the Philippines, then look  no further. We have here a list of the top 10 bloggers in the Philippines. We wish we could list down a little more but it took a great deal of effort to even reach up to ten.

Yes! The Philippines definitely has a lot of great bloggers with their varied expertise but only a few really know the true essence of blogging and be among the "top." That is, if you are at one with us in the proper definition of what a top blogger really is.

We know blogging has evolve into something more. But why should this evolution kill the ultimate purpose of expressing ourselves

Many have branded themselves as top, elite, authority, and so many self-proclaimed branding but only a few are really deserving to be on the top spot.

We've seen so many newbies all aiming to get a piece of the blogging pie, and why not, the world has so much opportunities. There are so many businesses out there that would need to have their own online presence in order to stay competitive and globally attractive.

If you're looking for top blogger in the Philippines, here's a list of what traits (in no particular order)you should look for.

Top Blogger No. 1 - Publishes articles on time or as instructed.

A blogging request or invitation for a certain product, service or campaign would require timely postings of articles. The article is no good anymore if the news or information is too late or has gone past the intended time frame. If we can't publish the article on time, then we shouldn't accept the blogging assignment.

Top Blogger No. 2 - Includes personal unbiased opinions about the brand.

Blogs should remain personal so what the readers need aside from the basic or detailed information about a product, service, event, etc, is our personal point of view. Our review and opinions should be the highlight of our write-up. Our readers would want to know more about what we think than what the brand wants us to say.

Sharing an honest opinion or review could only be possible if we researched and used the product or service or attended the product launch, event, press conference, occasion or gathering in whole (or at least the highlights). A press release can be posted but it should always be only a part of what is expected from us especially if we personally experienced the blogging event.

Top Blogger No. 3 - Writes well.

We should always prefer those bloggers that can clearly express their ideas. Typos, grammar and spelling errors would always be there but the main priority is if the blogger can deliver the message to their target market.
We really don't need a journalism graduate or someone with tons of experiences as a writer. What we need is someone who can share his experience in a manner we can all relate to.

Top Blogger No 4 - Takes extra effort on adding photos and videos.

Content is king and taking the extra effort of adding photos and videos (and other stuff like animations, interactive games, surveys, polls, etc.) will surely make a big impact. We also want the eye-candies as well so maintaining quality multimedia is a big thing. Photos will always be a great way to catch attention, and videos encourages our readers to stay longer on our site. Engaging our readers leads to involvement, advocacy and loyalty.

Top Blogger No. 5 - Invests on blogging tools.

If we're really serious about the blogging profession, we should invest on tools to give us an edge. Some would allocate their earning to buy decent equipment that will make our blogging stand out from the rest. A quality camera to take acceptable photos and videos, not the blurry stuff that could probably do worst for what we are endorsing.

Top Blogger No. 6 - Works with a Dot Com Domain.

If given a few choices, choose the blogger that has a dot com domain for they would likely be more professional to deal with rather than those who may be only fly-by-night enthusiasts. We are not demeaning bloggers using the free blog sites but we would all be more comfortable knowing we are working with people who are willing to shoulder out some expense to earn a more professional reputation.

Top Blogger No. 7 - Collaborates with partners in and out of the blogging community.

It is highly recommended to work with a blogger that does not limit himself online. We should always remember that even though the future is online, tri-media will still have their significant importance especially if it is unified with online media. It is much better to work with someone that has access to a one-stop shop solution for a more holistic promotional strategy.

Top Blogger No. 8 - Advocates the brand.

It is very are that one would remain loyal to a certain product due to so many competitors. We all would want to grab the opportunity to work with everyone out there. Thus we speak highly of those that are willing o choose their favorite and stick with it until they find something better. To decline a generous offer from a brand that we believe is inferior takes a lot of courage. Keeping loyal to the brand that we actually use and believe to be the best would reflect an outstanding attitude. When we remain firm against harmful products and morally objectionable acts then we become more deserving as a brand ambassador or advocate.

Top Blogger No. 9 - Believes quality is better than quantity.

We've seen so many active bloggers out there that seems to be always publishing numerous articles. However, majority would be all sorts of refurbished news that were just rehashed to create a sensational article meant to become viral or trending. Only a few could really pull off a convincing piece that would make you want to go out right this moment and try out the brands and what they are offering. Never be deceived by the page views since the numbers an easily be manipulated and mostly reflect only those that come from the garbage they call "articles of public interest." The people deserve better and more economically-benefiting content that would uplift how the rest of the world perceive the Philippines.

Top Blogger No. 10 - Humanizes the blog.

Blogs were created so we could easily express ourselves to the rest of the world. What we have written have undoubtedly influenced majority of our readers decisions. We therefore have the responsibility of staying true to what is real. Our content should remain in synch with our moral conscience. This means we should not put our readers in a predicament where they will despise us for promoting a product that could very well be better off in a trash can.

Our prime motivator in blogging should always be what we want to openly share to the world, and what we hope to learn or gain from our readers should be secondary.

Last words.

Blogging is not all the greatest thing that has ever happened to anybody, may it be the blogger or the business, organization, community, campaign or personality we could be blogging about. Many have used blogging to counter and destroy reputations by deceiving the gullible and less informed public with perverted ideas orchestrated to manipulate, bring back or remain in control.

Blogging has indeed evolved and the advancement in technology gives everyone the ultimate freedom to become more resourceful and creative. Though there would always be an unfair advantage for those with the money to spend, we believe the deserving would eventually stand out and claim his rightful place on top.

It all ends up to who survives and remains standing inspite of all the challenges. All the sensationalized trash talks, rants, blind items and other sort of unverified accusations against each other will remain part of any community.

We cringe at the idea of what some would perceive as a top blogger, and we puke on their sorry asses for the ones asserting they belong at the top of the list, when all they could brag about is their several year old recognitions and manipulated page and social media hits.

We deplore the sensationalism they put on their sites. Refurbished content that are obviously there just to add a controversial tending topic that's already gone viral.

Add the budget they allot for marketing and promotions just to remain seemingly on the top spot. They know who they are and we are probably envious of their success. But whoa! It's really nothing to be amazed of,  we would have done the same if we were as power hungry as they are.

We opted to remain in the service of the public, keeping the essence of what blogging is really all about, never undermining our optimum capacity and potential yet continuously maintaining propriety.

We were after the branding and making our name attached to uplifting the blogging community but never asserting ourselves by force, threat or fear. We believe in being creatively unique but still with moral etiquette.

However, everyone should understand that what we witness online should never be confused as the real personality of the blogger. Sometimes, one needs to show off, role-play and remain in character depending on what we aim to sell, convey or influence.

*Wazzup Pilipinas bloggers never claim to be among the top bloggers in the Philippines. We let the many award-giving bodies do that for us.

About "" is the fastest growing and most awarded blog and social media community that has transcended beyond online media. It has successfully collaborated with all forms of media namely print, radio and television making it the most diverse multimedia organization. The numerous collaborations with hundreds of brands and organizations as online media partner and brand ambassador makes a truly successful advocate of everything about the Philippines, and even more since its support extends further to even international organizations including startups and SMEs that have made our country their second home.

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