Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tales of the Thai Who Called Filipinos Pignoys

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Filipinos are fast to hate foreigners who they feel humiliate or shame us especially when they curse or call us with names like we are such an inferior race. We don't want to be treated like we belong to the lowest kind of race in this planet. Nobody does! 

Take for instance the so called Thai national allegedly being branded as a racist for calling us "Pignoys" coining the words "pig" and "Pinoys." He called us “low-class slaves” and “wriggling cockroaches” on social media so he's now facing deportation back to his country, or some news say he was transferred to a different branch of Cognizant located in another country. I was disgusted by this man's racist comments. The comments were particularly offensive, not to mention completely false.

Despite a public apology, Koko Narak, otherwise known as Kosin Prasertsri, is still hated by a lot of netizens all wanting a piece of him. “I’m very sorry for what I’ve done to break your heart by posting the racist remarks on my personal Facebook and ASEAN Community page. I really hope that all Filipinos whether in the Philippines and abroad will forgive me for what I’ve done. Since in my deeply (sic) heart I love the Philippines and its people” says the Thai national.

Netizens would comment "Have you seen those cruel comments he had posted? That's more than insult and degrading to the bones of the Filipinos. With his repeated posts in different dates ,it was never his intention to say sorry until he's receiving threats for his life. He's making a beautiful life here but yet he's so insecure about our race. That Thai has no room in our country!"
While others would get the attention of the government "Government must impose a more radical penalties to those foreign nationals who will disrespect our country and our citizens. Such incident must not happen again. We will never let anybody humiliate us in our own country. Might as well the embassies of foreign countries must pay damages to us once their citizens living in our country will make such remarks towards us. And for us Filipinos, we must improve our lives, our families, our communities, our towns and our provinces as we don't want to receive negative remarks from others. Let us start to rebuild the Philippines. A stronger nation, a prosperous nation. Under one flag, one constitution, one people."

However, it is very noticeable that many of us, may it be Filipinos or foreigners, are just too cruel online. We easily join the bandwagon of hate disregarding the option to find out for ourselves if the rumors are true or not. We easily judge people based on what other people say. We easily become part of an angry mob with pitchforks and torches ready and willing to burn the accused witches in the town plaza.

A netizen would ask "Is this a trend all over the world, that so many young people feel entitled to be so disrespectful?? And they are always so apologetic after spewing such garbage and don't know why they did it. Puzzling."

It all boils down to a warning to all other foreigners to never dare to hurt Filipinos, may it be in a form of a joke or constructive criticism. "You can scrutinize a politician but never say anything bad about our country and our people." We have loving hearts but our emotions are just way too sensitive that it clouds our minds and we quickly react negatively in the harshest and most barbaric way possible.

But maybe we are just brave in the online world of social media because we could easily hide our identity or we all know very few get in trouble if we join the majority of haters. The world seems to be ruled by the masses, the misguided and gullible individuals that have very little patience. We make very little effort to find out the truth on our own.

What we fail to realize that there must be an unidentified force hiding in the background but manipulating the circumstances through their "agents of change." All the while we keep on getting brainwashed and indirectly dictated on what we are supposed to do. Just as how advertisements and commercials flood our subconscious with succumbing messages.

It should not be natural for us to hate. Even if it's a foreigner who is simply disgusted with his life. His arrogance and demeaning expressions were not really meant for us. He's just like us freely expressing his emotions against what he felt is bringing him down to that insane level enough to make him badmouth Filipinos. Just like how we say negative remarks about Floyd Mayweather Jr due to the recent defeat of Manny Pacquiao from the so called "Fight of the Century." How many of us insulted the "Money" and uttered racist remarks.
When a foreigner said some negative things about a place from his recent trip, the local government unit wants to declare him as a Persona Non Grata. Doesn't he have the right to tell exactly what he feels so the place could have an opportunity to improve whatever needs immediate attention. If all foreigners would be polite by lying, then our hope to gain a returning tourist will be minimal.

Why is there no complaints against Filipinos who post racist comments almost everyday. We should remember that "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" and that "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me."

"Let us forgive him,what matter is the offender realized his faults and brave enough to admit and accepts the consequences of his actions."

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