Friday, May 1, 2015

Meet the New Selfie: Why Dubsmash is a Hit for Pinoys

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Pinoys love to follow the trending fads especially when its going viral. Everyone seems to wanna take part of the crazy and wild antics, and are always challenged to outdo everyone else. Thus, these cool gimmicks really become global - a worldwide sensation so hot that you'll be extremely eager to join in if you don't want to be left behind.

Dubsmash, a digital app that lets you create a short video dubbed with different sounds, is undoubtedly a phenomenal hype that has gone international fame. It is a video messaging application for iOS and Android officially launched last November 2014.

The Dubsmash mania is still going strong especially in the Philippines where Pinoy netizens have easy access to the Internet via affordable smartphones, cheap data connections and free wi-fi Internet access at coffee shops, malls, and many other places where wi-fi access became a must to attract customers and keep them coming back even if it means prolonged stay.

An establishment with plenty of people looks a lot better than no people hanging out. It makes your place look really cool and busy. We've seen ourselves being drawn to places where there's a crowd because we would assume that it is highly patronize because of its good products and services.

Just like any other craze before it, Dubsmash became huge when celebrities joined the bandwagon. The Philippines is no exception to the very addicting app that allows you to give some smiles to your viewers.

There's been several Pinoys posting their own Dubsmash videos and composed of popular lines from their favorite movies, teleseryes, and other memorable dialogues from famous personalities.

I;m betting you may be among those afflicted with the disease to create your own version. Ang Pinoy kasi ay di pahuhuli. We are more than just great imitators. We love to excel and do more. We love to socially become active online especially if it involves showing off our moves and talent.

This is why taking selfies was not a surprise hit. Filipinos all went gaga in having their own selfie shots making the monopod a marketing success. Who knows how many "selfie sticks" were sold throughout the years.

Downloading and tinkering with the latest mobile apps have been the leading hobby of many Filipinos nowadays. They are fun, informative, very useful and also allows you to connect with a multitude of friends or acquaintances online.

We also love to create lots of content and share it to the world. We would spend hours online just to remain connected with our friends even if we haven't really met them all in person.

Majority of us Pinoys are social individuals all willing and eager to interact and get involved. This is what makes Filipinos on the right path towards international success. Now all we need to do right now is to sustain the interest and actually become physically involved to act and not limit our involvement in the online world.

We also need to leave the comforts of our rooms away from our computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., and start participating in the real world.

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