Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Shout Out to Manny Pacquiao: Beat The May Weather!

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It is expected that many businesses will be capitalizing on the popularity of the event. The most anticipated match between the Pambansang Kamao ng Pilipinas, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the morning of May 3 Philippine time had so much support from both public and businesses that we are so sure that the financial rewards are of the organizers and other stakeholders humongous.

It's the fight we all wanted to happen! What was so amusing was it happened during the month of May when the summer weather is scorching hot. This is after all the hottest event to happen during this month. Pacman would always make time stand still whenever he has a fight. As if the whole world would drop whatever it is they are doing just to catch a glimpse of the fight.

I will be among the many people around the world who will be watching the fight as it happens. It is just annoying that the Filipino people would rarely have the same eagerness and enthusiasm for other more important campaigns towards better goals like saving the environment, or better yet, saving a life.

I once watched an old movie where they said most people would only change for the better when they are in the brink of a disaster, life-threatening situation or something similar. We would only motivate or persuade ourselves to improve when we encounter a grave situation where we have no better choice.

It is so sad that we all aim to save the world but we neglect to give importance to the little inconsistencies. We carelessly throw away our water bottles or cups on the streets when there's a fun run whose goal was to save the environment. We pollute the air with vehicles that are smoke-belchers because they are not well-maintained or too old to work properly. We throw away our cigarette butts, candy wrappers, bus tickets, used gums, in our streets and rivers.

We also destroy our health by keeping on patronizing unhealthy junk foods like artificially flavored and colored sodas, sweets, processed and instant foods, and so many other dishes we consume at an alarming rate that makes us obese and unfit.

Can't we also unite at least a day to ban these damaging products that slowly degrades the quality of our lives? Can't we persuade our government to get rid of these sins of society.

I am worried and wondering why despite of all the warnings, we still consume products that can kill us. I am worried why these products are still in the market. I am worried why our so called heroes are not lobbying to put an end to these products.

Manny Pacquaio needs to beat more than just Mayweather is he really is concerned with our welfare. It should be more than just beating an opponent that would also benefit immensely from the fight.

The Pambansang Kamao, being a lawmaker himself, should take every effort to take notice of even the little things, and the importance of educating the people about it. He, of all people, should be able to understand how important it is to get an education.

But I guess there's a lot we should be learning outside of school. If school is still like the old times when I was still studying, there should be a revamp of the curriculum. Schools should be teaching what life is really all about, and not only those things that can be read from the text books or Googled from the Internet. School should be somewhat like Social Media, so everyone can fully grasps the meaning of life. So we can all understand that like what we see posted on Facebook or Twitter, life is not what it seems.

If Manny Pacquiao really wants my vote for any government position, he should be campaigning against the corporations that sell artificial products. We should all go back to nature to provide for our needs. Enough with the instant noodles, drinks, seasonings, etc., we are just getting so lazy and flabby all throughout our existence.

But who am I to be able to stop the fad of the future? I cannot do it alone. So if it requires a very famous and popular boxer to convince people to change their ways, let Manny Pacquiao step forward and become the better man.

On May 3, please do beat the Mayweather! But afterwards, please become more than just a boxing hero.

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