Monday, January 26, 2015

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega Wins Miss Universe 2015

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I think a felt the collective shouts, sighs, and moans of despair of all Pinoy pageant followers especially the Filipinos watching live at the FIU Arena at the results of the 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant.

What really broke my heart is that the Top 5 cannot even answer the questions properly. I'm sure MJ Lastimosa can do so much better. They should make the QA the first segment. A lot of brains get wasted with the look factor. Just thinking how MJ will answer those questions. For sure, MJ will be crowned as this year's Miss Universe if she was part of the Top 5.

Its time to redefine beauty! Its a woman's totality and the way she carries herself, not white skin and colored hair. The Filipinas are not your ordinary chink-eyed Asians. Our Pinays got all the right curves in all the right places. We have been consistently in the Top5 since 2010 (Venus Raj) but I guess MJ just got a tougher competition this year.

When MJ was called, the crowd went wild... Were the judges deaf and blind? With that million dollar smile, MJ should have won everyone's hearts and all the judges' favorable votes. For sure their biggest regret right now is that they let the potential winner slip away. We should have claimed the crown.

USA has the most home turf wins. 6 out of their 8 total wins happened in the US. Amazing Colombia was crowned as Miss Universe instead. I'm not gonna lie, Latinas are undeniably beautiful. But I think it's time to have an Asian beauty to win the crown.

More Miss Universe 2015 Highlights:

Signs of the Times: the goes to . From to on worldwide TV.

Miss Stella Marquez Araneta's home country won. Now its time to patronize Filipino designers for next competition. Did you know she tripped on her way out from the venue?

For the national costumes, Miss Universe should be more modern & contemporary! Country costumes have become so ridiculous and pPerpetuating stereotype & sexism!

Australia's dress wasn't a favorite however she does get a quick mention for pulling it off and accenting it well. I feel bad for . Besides all her clothes she has to lug home 4 bags of hockey sticks and a scoreboard.

When Nick Jonas stopped and serenaded his girlfriend on Miss Universe. The way approaches in the middle of his performance. Okay just give the crown again because she just stole the show in that dress. What can you say about that?

Miss Haiti is a vision of chocolately melanin rich perfection.

It looks like 's world isn't ready to a black, elegant, short haired woman as had that rare chance to break beauty conventions & award the crown to a crowd favorite. The crowd was pissed that Jamaica got 4th runner up and honestly so was I. She deserved a higher rank. I never heard so much boo's on live TV.

Jamaica's biggest contribution has been ? Do see how silly that is. How about its beautiful island they share with the world through tourism & agriculture. USA: We feed the world. Jamaica: We gave you Bob Marley.

Shout out to Rob Dyrdek for forgetting that this entire Miss Universe competition is actually about empowering and inspiring women.. not men.

Seems like beauty and intelligence doesn't go together in . These ladies killed me with their horrible responses. I didn't feel like any of the ladies answered the questions properly. So vague or off topic. But I think it's the translators' fault. None of the understood ANY of the questions thrown at them...the responses were seriously laughable!However, the one without a translator got the lowest point.

We are still very proud of you MJ! Beauty with a purpose it is! Crown and title aren't measures of true beauty. That very good diction...amazing physique...incomparable poise and elegance...may not have been enough for he judges, but for us you are still the winner!

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  1. Even though MJ Lastimosa did not win this competition, Filipinos are still proud of her. It is a worldwide competition of brains and beauties afterall. Being a contender of this said competition has already brought Philippines a crown. As what they say, give chance to others! :) just kidding.


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