Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mamasapano Massacre Threathens Bangsamoro Peace Process and Agreement

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Peace is what we all want, but how can we achieve that elusive peace when the other side is war and blood thirsty!?! Another massacre in Maguindanao that is pointless and unnecessary. The nation's heart is grieving, and bleeding, right now.

"Head shots" do not fall under the guise of self-defense from this so called "misencounter." Neither does the theft of clothing or mobile phones. Body dismemberment and stolen weapons. Just who exactly are the MILF and the current administration trying to kid? Aside from themselves."The Maguindanao killings was NOT self-defense! This was a massacre. Policemen were not only killed, but some bodies also mutilated." Will this be another Maguindanao Massacre that will forever be robbed of justice?

"If the MILF will not hand over the people responsible for this heinous crime, bomb them into the stone age. Exterminate the vermin. " I am equally furious and would very much want to retaliate and get vengeance for our fallen comrades, but is an all-out war aimed to extinct the perpetrators really the only solution?

Senator JV has withdrawn his co-authorship of the Bangsamoro Basic Law due to the recent tragic massacre of nearly 50 men of the Philippine National Police -Special Action Force in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

"We condemn in the strongest possible terms the recent deaths of almost 50-members of PNP-SAF and the crimes allegedly perpetrated by members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Considering that such cowardly acts occurred amid finalizing efforts to attain lasting peace in Mindanao, it now led us to contemplate whether the proposed Basic Bangsamoro Law would really address the long-standing problem besetting Mindanao. I signed as a co-author with the desire of giving the BBL a chance to be the instrument of peace in Mindanao. What happened to the PNP-SAF troopers is not a misencounter but a MASSACRE! I am withdrawing my signature as a co-author of the Bangsamoro Basic Law as a result of this carnage. My heart bleeds for our policemen who were mercilessly killed." - JV Ejercito

Is there a need to pursue the Bangsamoro Peace Process and Agreement?

"Reports now indicate that what really happened in Mamasapano can be categorized, pure and simple, as a "carnage". Why, first, because the said incident was perpetrated by fellow peacekeepers (MILF and other armed groups) in Maguindanao, which should supposedly help each other in maintaining peace and order in that area, pursuant to the framework under the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

In my humble opinion, the incident in Mamasapano all indicates that the other party to the agreement was not really sincere in the attainment of the lasting peace in Mindanao. For instance, the explanation of the spokesman of the other armed group why his group joined the firefight was that the incident happened near the residence of the group's commander. Such explanation is absolutely not acceptable.

Secondly, as I heard over the news tonight via ABS-CBN news telecast (January 28, 2015), a coordination was made by the Government with the MILF and yet, the carnage happened. This just shows that the MILF and/or any other armed group in Maguindanao do not need the BBL to exist. What they really need to exist and survive are guns to shape their future. They don't need BBL because they believe it is only a piece of paper.

I think the Government has to take a tougher stand on this because, by looking back to the past incidents here in our country and around the world, the incident in Mamasapano is not an isolated one. Historically, it could happen again and again along the way, if no immediate measure is undertaken by both sides."

"The problem lies on the fact that these rebels, bandits and even ASGs have relatives in MILF or MNLF. After killing police or military men, they'll mix up with civilians. When suspects are caught, others will testify they caught the civilians and not the rebels.

We had Gen. Batalla, Gen. Bautista and now these policemen who became casualties of the treacherous act of these rebels. How many more lives are we willing to put at risk? How can we trust these people if on the onset, they do not show any iota of sincerity! This perplexed me. This treacherous act is not justified. How are we going to make these people accountable for the death of our policemen?

They will commit one atrocity after another yet never claim any accountability. When will we ever put our foot down and say, enough to this foolishness. Let's not play their game."

At one side of the story, the recent police fatalities in Maguindanao concludes one of the many police adventurisms grounded on lack of intelligence, terrain unfamiliarity and coordination with the proper group. Officials who sanctioned the operations should man up and admit their faults.Why is the SAF Chief Getulio Napenas taking the fall when President Benigno Simeon Aquino III knew of the Mamasapano mission and Gen. Alan Purisima called the shots?

The feelings I have are of disgust at those cowards who did this, and more gravely at those government leaders who would not accept the responsibility. The families of these PNP-SAF members must be suffering so much right now. Please give them strength to cope with this tragedy. I hope that those responsible to the occurrence of these atrocious acts are brought to justice. I also hope I could do more than just sit in front of my computer to rant and complain all day. I also hope that the country will be seeing peace within my lifetime.

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