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Wazzup Pilipinas on UNTV: An Awesome Fusion of Television and Online Media

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It's official! Everything is almost set. We can't wait to begin to level up to our next big step towards the world of tri-media.Your self-declared friendly neighborhood National blog of the Philippines, the Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas, proudly announces another partnership towards greater heights.

From a mere online media or blog, to contributing to magazines like Smile and Breakfast, being featured in a newspaper like Philippine Star, being interviewed at radio stations like Radyo Agila DZEC 1062 AM, Ka-Tropa Radio DWDD 1134 AM, guesting on TV stations like Philippines Uncut of Buddy Cunanan at Global News Network (GNN) and PTV4 News, and a special arrangement with Vigattin Radio of Radyo Inquirer DZIQ 990 AM,  we finally were given a break to try hosting for TV show segments incorporated into the regular shows of UNTV, your public service channel.

Aside from the many partnerships with many events, colleges and universities, brands, advocacy programs and other organizations, the awards we received because of Wazzup Pilipinas, starting from the very first recognition as Top Emerging Influential Blog of 2013, and then being conferred with a series of awards as the Most Outstanding Filipino Community Blog, Best Filipino Community Blog, Top Filipino Community Blog, even a personal award for our founder Ross Flores Del Rosario as Influential Social Media Evangelist of 2014, and now the latest of which is for 2014 Outstanding Customer Service for Online Community Blog Site, Wazzup Pilipinas has definitely reached an all time high with the announcement of TV show collaborations.

Yes! You heard it right! We're going to be on TV!

We recently spent a productive afternoon filled with so much enthusiasm because your friendly neighborhood pambansang blogger from Wazzup Pilipinas will soon be on TV. We can't hide our excitement because this is another thrilling moment in our lifetime.

We had a meeting at the UNTV Marketing department with Vic Ruiz, Account Executive of UNTV Marketing; Chat Vergara, Executive Producer of Munting Pangarap; Argel Payabyab, Associate Producer of GMK: Good Morning Kuya; Shari So, Production Assistant of Cook Eat Right:Living a Healthy Life; Bart Abaya, National Marketing & Franchising Manager of Biz Paye International; and Richard Lucas, General Manager of Biz Paye International. Bread n Butter is also part of the shows involved but there were no representatives available in the studio during that time. Rodel Flordeliz, one of the "trikada" host, was there earlier but had to go to an event in Makati.

UNTV, the pillar of public service in Philippine television and dubbed as Your Public Service Channel, is a UHF television channel devoted to the enrichment of life through alternative yet intelligent programs that aims to delight and turn the much-needed shift in Filipino’s television lifestyle.

This partnership will be a fusion of television and social media. Not only are our features will be seen on TV, we are also going to share the event happenings, from the backstage process to the shoots on location in and out of the studio, in our blog and social media accounts in cooperation with our proud partners from Biz Paye International, the provider of
the unique and industry first credit and debit card system that enables businesses to access a variety of goods and services in a less competitive marketplace, offering a range of financial benefits not usually found in traditional markets or offered by other card payment systems.

The format of the UNTV shows were discussed to us so we can match our segments with the theme and setup with what is existing already in their shows. Samples of the TV telecast were presented to us using a laptop. But of course, we want to add our own identity as well to recognize the Wazzup Pilipinas brand.

Below are the description of the shows taken from the official UNTV web site.

Munting Pangarap is every Sunday from 8:30 to 9:30 am and is one of UNTV’s flagship public service shows. It is a one-hour program hosted by Daniel Razon, the veteran broadcast journalist who is also known as Mr. Public Service. Translated in English as, “Small Wish,” the show is about extending a hand to those in need – with the aim of changing their lives not just on a one-time basis, but on a long-term one.

Bread N' Butter is every Friday from 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm and covers everything related to business, employment and tourism. Featured livelihood ventures range from small to medium enterprises in various industries such as food, wellness and other services. BNB promotes self-employment through entrepreneurship by featuring inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs who started from scratch.

Good Morning Kuya (GMK) airs daily from 5:00 am to 7:30 am. GMK showcases heightened and unmatched public services, sensible exchanges of stories and opinions, and trustworthy news reports. It also pulls together segments that bring rich, relevant and interesting information aiming to inspire, empower and educate the viewers.

Cook Eat Right is every Sunday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am and is a cooking show with a sporty difference. This program is unique and highly entertaining as it feature celebrities, athletes and sports enthusiasts and their life revolving fitness, nutrition, fashion and beauty. Get ready as these personalities share their training regimen and favorite meals to keep them healthy and kicking for their chosen sport.

We enjoyed talking with the representatives of the different TV shows, especially with Chat who was very accommodating. She was able to answer all our questions and was eager to work with us. Chat is the Executive Producer of Munting Pangarap where sponsors fulfill the wishes and dreams of their viewers. She informed us that a certain segment will run for around 10 minutes each.

Argel Payabyab, Associate Producer of GMK: Good Morning Kuya, said the What's For Breakfast segment runs between 3 to 5 minutes. This is where we can have chefs as guest to demonstrate cooking live on the show. It's a great segment to feature restaurants and their chefs by showcasing the different specialty dishes that they wish to share with the televiewers.

A short tour of the UNTV station was also done so we can have an idea of the areas where we will work on. From the lobby, to their radio booth, to the set where they do the cooking demonstrations for their shows, to the actual studio where they shoot the shows, even to the make-up room where we saw Eagle, one of their regular talents, being worked on by the make-up artists.
We can't show you the other parts of the studio because they are sort of confidential and private. There was no studio shoot ongoing that time so the studio was dark and cluttered with studio props and set decorations.

Wazzup Pilipinas continues to rise above the challenges and the controversies spread by our detractors who obviously have ulterior motives and shady descriptions of what real blogging should be. We are going beyond the traditional and redefining blogging as we partner more intimately with tri-media bringing forth a better collaboration amongst all media networks.

You, your products, and/or services can be on TV too, ad at the same time featured in our blog and social media accounts. We offer special rates to give you a chance to be on TV in one of the already established shows of UNTV. Let's all partner up and discover a lot of great opportunities soon.

Find out how you can be a part of these UNTV shows and Wazzup Pilipinas. Please contact Wazzup Pilipinas at, or refer to our other contact details on our website Contact Us section.

You can also check us out on our Facebook fan page at

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