Monday, November 17, 2014

Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow: A Bubbles and Confetti Filled Magic Show

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Seeing bubbles and confetti flying through the air is fascinating especially if you're a kid. As an adult, it brings back memories when we used to play with our bubble machines, and throwing itsy-bitsy pieces of shredded paper in most celebrations. May it be a children's party or a special occasion among adults recognizing an achievement, it's quite joyous to see an attraction.

Even grown-ups were amazed of the sudden bursts of confetti and bubbles at the Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow magical show held last Friday November 14, 2014 at the PETA Theater Center. The children were not the only ones cheering. Even the grown ups were thrilled.

The clown-like magician Wally Watthead (played by Janne Raudaskoski from Finland) doesn't talk much in the show but his facial expressions were so wacky that his further interactions with a giant mobile phone named Simon the Simcard (voiced by Jonathan Hutchings) and a screen-projected Polly Picture (played by Tuija Nuojua Raudaskoski) was as funny as watching my old-time favorites children's show during my younger years.

The humorous and cute love affair of Wally Watthead with Polly Picture and the jealousy of Simon the Simcard wanting attention from his best friend gives it a touch of human emotions we all experience. But I really don't want to be a spoiler and tell you everything that happens in the show. I will just let you imagine the rest so you'll have your own surprising moments.

Our two hosts for the day facilitated the mini press conference where we had the opportunity to ask questions from Team Wally Watthead. A small group but able to present a show of international quality. The length of the show was just right as a longer presentation would not be appropriate for children having short attention span. Though I didn't really notice time passing by since the show was really engaging.

Simon the Simcard may be a little outdated for a mobile phone since we now all use smartphones with touch screens. But the mascot appearance was what enticed the children to pay close attention. Some of them may be reading the messages coming out in the LED display placed in his mouth, and that big red nose was strikingly glaring like Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer's nose, plus Simon the Sim Card's voice reminded me of Dr. Who's alien robot enemies.

Polly Picture was so charming with her eloquent smile, pony tails and blushing red cheeks. Wally's love interest was pleasing to look at even though she's not physically present. It would have been a lot more fun if she magically stepped out of the picture frame at a later part of the show. That was actually what I was wishing for. The magic would have been complete seeing Wally and Polly live on stage.

Combining technology and other special effects with the performance made the show more sensational. The kids nowadays have turned high-tech that a little technology seems well-accepted. Though the voice of Simon the Simcard and the video of Polly Picture were just recordings, Wally Watthead was able to perfectly time his interactions with these characters as if they were of real time.

Bring your kids to this fun show at PETA which is scheduled November 14 to 16 and 21- 23 at time slots 10 am and 3 pm. Tickets are Php 800 for VIp and Php 600 for regular audiences.

For tickets contact Ticket World at 891-9999 or or contact the PETA Theater Center at 725-6244 local 21 - 23 or 0915-493-3728 or e-mail

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  1. What a fun show to watch! It takes us back to the days when everything makes us wonder and amazed! It really is a show for children and all young at hearts!


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