Friday, November 21, 2014

Mother Nature Influenced Our Modern World: Find Out How in Discovery Kids’ Wild But True!

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Robert Irwin makes his television debut in this new series alongside co-host Isabel Yamazaki at Discovery Kids' Wild But True.

Discovery Kids lets children explore their awesome world and ignite their natural curiosity by providing content that is fun and enriching for growing children. The channel stimulates learning and imagination, and provides a safe environment that parents can trust. Discovery Kids offers its viewers a world of endless possibilities through informative and entertaining programming that explores adventure, nature, science, wildlife, history and technology. Launched in Asia-Pacific in 2012, Discovery Kids is currently distributed to 27 million subscribers in the region.

If we want to find out how we can build fuel-efficient vehicles, smarter homes, more aerodynamic planes, Tune in to the Discovery Kids channel. Find out how we can help the blind to see. Humans are not the only ones who strive to meet life’s many challenges - nature has been doing that for the past 3.8 billion years so we are the new kids on the evolutionary block!

On Discovery Kids’ brand new series WILD BUT TRUE, hosts Robert Irwin and Isabel Yamazaki show how biomimicry – the imitation and application of nature’s systems, models, designs, or elements – has paved the way for technology and inspired many modern-day inventions. WILD BUT TRUE premieres every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m., starting 2 December. Encores every Saturday at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Robert Irwin, the wildest naturalist in the house, teams up with Isabel Yamazaki, our resident science geek with all the info at her fingertips, to reveal how science has made mankind a true student of Mother Nature.

On each episode, they explore nature’s amazing solutions for problems in the wild and reveal how we humans use these blueprints to make our world greener, safer, more efficient, and more fun for future generations to come! Artificial intelligence in the form of their digital friend Giles helps them along the way – Giles provides clues that will lead them to the answers behind the most puzzling questions, and also hooks them up with scientists, researchers, and developers from across the world who tell us more about the each item or technology.

To better understand concepts, features, and abilities intrinsic in the wild world, Robert and Isabel will also create and participate in fascinating experiments. Kids everywhere will be awed as they discover the impact animals have on humans. Tune in and join the dynamic duo as they reveal where and how nature has helped make our lives better and easier. Get ready for an adventure-filled journey across time, space, science, and nature that can only be described as WILD BUT TRUE!

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  1. Discovery Kids did a great job for having this kind of television episodes because it helps a lot especially on children. We know that children are curious of what's happening around them so WILD BUT TRUE episodes will help them answer their questions.

  2. This show is very helpful especially to the kids. Kids are curious about a lot of things and this program helps them to answer their own questions. Also, it helps the children to understand more clearly about our environment and how we can preserve its natural beauty.

  3. I'm a fan of Robert Irwin so this episodes reminds me his days in wild life. And it will be really fun seeing the kids in the show. And also it will be really helpful for the kids to view the good environment. So this episodes will be amazing! :)

  4. I've been watching Discovery Channel since I was little so I really think this show would be an effective way in feeding the minds of the young people with knowledge about our environment and how it works.

  5. This article should be read by parents to give them an idea on what really is the most suitable and appropriate tv shows to show their kids. A lot of cartoons are present in other channels but Discovery kids can make the kid interested and at the same time, learning.


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