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Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters: Fast Food That is So Good!

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Visiting their third branch and learning that they will soon have a fourth one only signifies that the people have really appreciated how Chef Roland (Chef Lau) and Jacqueline Laudico (Chef Jac) has steered their restaurant as an innovative "fast good" on its way into a very successful restaurant chain.

Partnered with the the Raya family, Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters serves dishes with a twist that only the famous chef couple can amazingly conjure like magic. Aside from the two culinary experts, we also met Roberto Luis Raya and found out that he was in charge of operations of the restaurants, and this confirmed my belief that you really need to partner with other people if you want to bring out the best in your craft. Artists also need to partner with other individuals that have the necessary specialties to take their dreams into a better reality.

My experience with their branch in Ayala Triangle Gardens located in Makati was as good as this visit at Venice Piazza located in McKinley Hill of Bonifacio Global City. We were able to dine on different set of dishes that really made our taste buds swoon in delight. Plus the passion of the couple in relating their stories about their food and how they started out, including their belief in using only natural and fresh ingredients was a big bonus for us. It is not everyday that you meet a celebrity chef couple so the lunch date with the Laudicos left us starstruck too.

Just like their branch in Makati, the branch in BGC was similarly decorated and furnished. The appeal was similar to most fast food restaurants but wait until you see and tasted the food....and from there you'll definitely realize it is more like "fast good" - a lot better than the traditional deep-frieds we normally encounter in fast food restaurants, Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters is proud to use the "pugon" as their main equipment for cooking their excellent food.

Chef Lau may be a rockstar chef that has made wonders in and out of the kitchen, but partnered with his better half, Chef Jac, using her expertise as a professional executive pastry chef, it was no surprise that they were also able to come up with dishes that takes advantage of both their specialties like the seemingly Eggs Benedict dish that uses "ensaymada" instead and now called "Eggsaymada."

Eggsaymada (P 149)
The yummy Eggsaymada can be a choice among Lukban longganisa, chicken, ham, chicken hotdog, pork tocino or corned beef topped with the fried egg and sauce to go along with the ensaymada bread. This made its way to my heart and tummy as a favorite.

Angus Roast Beef (P 169)
The three slices of tender Angus Roast Beef was good enough to call my attention. You have gravy and "atsara" to add more taste to the already delicious on its own dish. I did tried the dish with both "atsara" and gravy but I loved the dish more without them.

Corned Beef Hashilog (P 109)
Another yummy treat for that day was the Corned Beef Hashilog. Potatoes, corned beef and sunny-side-up fried egg was beautifully served and amazingly tasty that you may want to consider ordering a second serving.

Kaldereta Mac (P 89)
I must have been dreaming when I tasted the Kaldereta Mac. It was so heavenly that I must have eaten more of this dish as compared with the rest. This made my search for favorite dish at Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters a great difficulty since this one came in as a surprisingly great tasting dish too.

Pancit Lukban (P 69)
 The Pancit Lukban has been known as one of the best pancit varieties. Chef Lau has made it even more special at their restaurant and is also available in "bilaos" for ordering so you can have it in your gatherings and special occasions to share with your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Pugon Chicken (P 99)
OMG! I also fell in love with their Pugon Chicken. The delectable taste of this dish was an awesome alternative to the other chicken restaurants. If you're a chicken lover, you have to try this one as it will truly become among your favorites too.

Mango Cheesecake
Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters also has an impressive selection of cakes that tasted as good as it is served beautifully like the ones in fine dining restaurants. They were all tumnmy-worthy and Instagram-worthy to impress anybody online. From the Mango Cheesecake to the Tablea Tart and the Quezo De Bola Cheesecake, every cake slice was sensational.

Quezo De Bola Cheesecake

Tablea Tart

No wonder the public has made Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters their choice of restaurant even when the place is full to the rim during peak dining hours. I got there a little before lunch time and saw how the crowd came in like a mob and filled up the place in just a couple of minutes. They have extra tables outside so people can choose to dine in inside the air-conditioned restaurant or enjoy the fresh air and scenery outside....and see pigeons flying around the place too since Venice Piazza of Mckinley Hill has that spectacular romantic ambiance with architecture inspired by historic Italy.

What the couple is very proud of is that they do not use MSG or anything similar in their dishes. They emphasized how bad MSG is to our health and how it deliberately heightens our senses to make us look differently on the food, but in reality the MSG is confusing us to appreciate the food. Just take for instance what happens when a dog eats too much MSG - it poisons our pets. This only shows that it could also be very bad to our health.

Our food adventure doesn't end there as the couple also allowed us to take a peek into their little kitchen where we saw te magical "pugon" where most of the food are cooked giving the dishes a lot more flavor.

Aside from Pugon Roasters, they also own Guevarra's garden restaurant in Greenhills. You can also get Chef Jac's yummy pastries in Patisserie Filipino in Eastwood.

Get to know more about them from their social media pages:

Thank you to the Laudico couple and Roberto Luis Raya for allowing us to experience Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters. Our lunch was absolutely delicious and filling. Topped that with sweet desserts that were more than heavenly. This is why I love highlighting Filipino entrepreneurs because they truly come out with many outstanding products that are worth promoting not only within the Philippines but also all over the world.

We will surely recommend the restaurant to our friends, colleagues, families and followers of this blog so they can experience the same wonderful dishes.

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