Friday, May 30, 2014

Maleficent Special Blocked Screening at Trinoma Cinemas

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Through the years, Disney had given us entertaining and at the same time genuinely meaningful movies. They never fail not only to amaze us but also impart life lessons with the countless works they’ve created so far.

This year, Disney retells one of our childhood fairytales, Sleeping Beauty, in a way that we might’ve not expected it to be told. It is like a “what if” question answered imaginatively. This variation of the tale tells it from the viewpoint of the villain, who is later proven to be, surprisingly, the hero as well.

Maleficent is definitely worth the watch. Maybe it’s just me being a fantasy lover, but it is now one of my favorite movies. The imaginary world is well portrayed as well as the actuality of the real world. The movie succeeds in leaving the viewers a new perspective on the well-known children’s fairytale we all know and miss. Like it says, it “tests you how well you know the tale.”

The Maleficent villain and our heroes
The two of us for the Special Blocked Screening of Maleficent
One of our tickets from Trinoma invitation
Angelina Jolie as Maleficent
Snacks/dinner courtesy of Fish and Co and TGI Fridays
Falling in line for food before the special blocked screening
Menacing character of Maleficent peering from afar

Here are my ratings:

Plot = 8/10: The plot is great. Like the majority of stories, the amazing moments happen near the middle until the end of the story. The tale is already known by nearly everyone, but like I said, it features a new perspective of the tale- which is that of the villain’s. It reveals the idea that something could’ve happened before the story of Sleeping Beauty ever begun. In addition, the movie proves the meaning of true love, just like how the popular “Frozen” did. Even though the movie changed the original plot, it presented a whole new aftermath of the story.

The story is told wonderfully and the narrator reads the tale at just the right times. Important events are shown as you watch. It retains the curiosity factor embedded in its viewers and presents the tale in a well structured manner.

Setting/Visuals = 10/10: Awesome, marvelously stunning. Even the little factors like sparkles and little creatures down to the setting, all things happening throughout, and the most emphasized of effects, like that of the climax’s, all contribute to this epic movie.

Characters = 9/10:
Each character is unique and has his/her own individual role and principle in the story. They prove that everyone experiences emotion and aspiration. It also applies the reality of what bad traits like greed and revenge can do. I love how most things unexpected turn out in this movie, like Maleficent and her distinctive role in the movie. A number of new characters are added, and some are given a more important or less important role than they had in the original tale. Aurora is an epitome of a sweet, innocent but clever girl. I like her role in the movie- very realistic and fairy tale loving lass.

Mood = 10/10: I like the whole movie, from the start up to the end. It is full of surprises through the three fairies who took care Aurora. There’s no dull scene. I enjoyed watching it.

Style = 9/10: The style of the director in presenting the movie is great. Aurora, in spite of her innocence, she manages to do the right thing. The innate goodness of the characters are quite evident in the film. I love it.

All in all, I strongly recommend this movie to all of you. Watch and surely you will also find peace, love and contentment in whatever situation you have now.

Contributed by Hannah Krystelle Del Rosario

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