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An Open Letter to an Online Publication

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The open letter below submitted by one of our contributors, who was apparently a former writer of an online publication, had to pass through a lot of scrutiny from the Wazzup Pilipinas core team before it was allowed to be posted as is, and with very little correction. We intentionally removed the identity of the online publication since we know very well many will be able to quickly identify which one it is.

Wazzup Pilipinas stands by our obligation to respect all forms of freedom of expression, may it be somewhat sounding hateful, malicious or biased, as we allow all parties directly or indirectly involved with the issues to freely submit their personal statements that will voice out their true feelings, to affirm or deny accusations, and explain their side of the actual stories that are often hidden from the eyes of the public due to manipulated efforts and uneven resources.

It was quite difficult to finally allow this open letter to be posted on our site as the Editor himself was a former senior writer of the said online publication. But we will let our readers evaluate on their own if this was justifiable enough to make an online presence. The author claims he is representing not only himself but others who also feel he same way. There was no sugar-coating, and no effort was made to tame the fiery statements of the original author of the letter.

Please read on with an equally "open" mind. Be mindful that we will also accept the counter-statements of the other parties if they will request for it. Everyone deserves an opportunity to air out their concerns. We are glad to be instrumental to this effort to communicate.

Dear _____________,

We know this is never going to happen, but we just want you to give us back the articles we wrote for your online publication. You know exactly what we are talking about. You deleted our articles out of your blog, which you now call an online magazine, for reasons only justifiable to you and not to us whatsoever.

We hope this can serve also as a warning to those who are planning or are currently contributing to this blog - if you can call it that. The contributors have everything to lose and very little to gain from contributing to your site.

We tried to personally get in touch with you to try and get back the articles that we wrote. However, _______ and __________ decided to ignore our emails and even blocked us on Facebook. Your Managing Editor (during that time) even sent an email which was the biggest pile of horse crap we have ever seen:

Dear newer writers, 

Thank you for having been part of the ____ family. 

We are currently restructuring as we had grown too big, too fast, and do not have the man-power to manage all the writers. 

We're a community of people wanting to do good and feature great things about our wonderful country and just positive things around the world in general, but managing these many writers has proven to be quite tough. We're also minimizing the groups and other aspects of the site as we are not able to dedicate enough resources. 

With that said, for newer writers, we may still take email pitches in the future and you are welcome to email us with such, similar to magazines. 

If you have submitted any past articles, do not worry as your name and profile will be there as long as you are in good standing. 

Thanks again for having been part of _____ and we hope that the experience was beneficial and fun for you. We look forward to seeing you again in the future.
We demand to know the real reason why our articles were removed. The email you sent is in no way true because many of us were in this blog for more than a year already so you cannot call us "newer writers."
What are you going to do, _______? The most likely scenario is that you will again ignore this issue until it fades since you are all cowards who couldn't even have the guts to face us in person. Very wise move eh?

I feel sorry for anybody who associates themselves with this pathetic excuse of a blog who brag about fake traffic stats and dubious Facebook likes. 

We demand to get back our articles. We don't care if you don't want us to contribute on your blog anymore because we don't want to be associated with it as well. We want you to send us our articles because we were the ones who wrote them. Our experience with ________ taught us only one thing, and that is - to work on our own blog, instead of the blog of someone else who never really cared about us.


Victims of this scam

We know that the words used in the above open letter may be a bit too harsh, but we do understand the feelings of the author. Allow us to revise it to make the letter short and simple:

Dear ___________ ,

We would like to request you to give back the articles we previously contributed on your online publication. Since you've removed the articles already from your site, please allow us to just post it in our respective blogs. This is being requested not only for our personal use, but primarily because we would like the stories re-published for the benefit of the establishments and personalities featured on our articles.

We trust that the better times we had together would be
enough reason for you to allow this very simple request.

Thank you and hoping for your compliance.


Your former writers

It's been a year already.

The articles that were painstakingly made with eagerness and effort during their stint as writers for an online publication are still down and almost forgotten.

They wanted to let it be since they already made exceptional accomplishments on their own.

But the establishments and individuals featured in the stories deserve to have their online presence - at least in the writers' respective personal blogs.

They are therefore clamoring that the online publication return their articles.

Editor's Note: The point of views of our contributors are not necessarily the same as of the editor and core team of Wazzup Pilipinas. However, we practice total freedom of expression. We will accept all articles regardless of the content for we believe everyone has the right to express their own opinions.

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