Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kape Zambo Restaurant at Paseo Del Mar of Zamboanga

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Vamos a Comer na Kape Zambo! Enjoy the excellent food that may actually make you grab some more for seconds and thirds. It was sort of my first full meal for the day, except for the light breakfast at LM Metro Hotel and the snacks served at the Cinematheque Zamboanga launch, so it was very special for me.

The restaurant is located at Paseo Del Mar so you'll get a magnificent view of the sea while dining on your favorite meals. Peak hours happen during night time but the restaurant is already open during the day. They serve very affordable meals that's just right on the budget as can be seen from their menu.

Kape Zambo is ideal if you also want to "boodle" with your friends for a satisfactory meal that cost only Php 338 for the whole bilao made up of several viands. Need more rice? A scoop is only Php 15 for plain and Php 20 for garlic. The desserts we ordered were all less than Php 50. The fruit shakes like buko, mango and corn are only Php 68 per glass.

The most expensive dish in their menu was the Crispy Pata which sells between Php 320 to Php 400, the probable reason for which is that it's a huge serving for sharing with your barkada, friends, colleagues or relatives,....or whoever out there that you want to create an impression. I never got to try it but considering the size of the other dishes served to us, you'll definitely want somebody else to be with you because you won't be able to finish your meals.

They serve healthy and balance meals because there would always be nutritious additions, like veggies, in their main dishes. The Bilao we ordered had sour gourd salad, fried eggplant, and green mangoes with bagoong aside from just serving only the milkfish, squid and chicken.

They wouldn't call themselves Kape Zambo if they don't also boasts of having great brewed coffee that's perfect to wake you up if ever you want something to keep you awake and on your feet the entire day.

Dining beside the warm blue seaside also inspires and gives you a good mood. It is also a great background for that "selfie" or group shots with the barkada. Post that immediately on your social media accounts to impress your friends.

There are plenty of chairs and tables to hold a small gathering at the restaurant. They also have performances during the night so you'll be entertained as well by soothing or rocking music whichever you prefer just request and you might be lucky the singer or band knows your song.

The decors are extraordinary especially the lamps hanging from the ceilings. I should have gone back there during night time to see how it looked like when lit in darkness. It must have been cool and classy.

Yeah, those are half wine bottles made into something like a chandelier. Creativity put into a utility.

So they also serve unlimited rice along with your order of Chicken BBQ and Pork Liempo. Want to try how many rice you can have? Unlike in Manila, the serving of the viands here are bigger and arguably tastier.

Check out the very affordable prices. You can easily treat your friends because it ain't expensive at all.

You gotta love the presentation or what they did to our appetizer to look more appealing and to start lunch for that day, oh so right and OK.

Kape Bilao is composed of calamares, boneless "bangus", chicken adobo, crispy shrimp, fried "talong", "ampalaya" salad, and "mangga with bagoong".

The Buko Shake was refreshing that I wanted to have more but was too shy to request for another glass.

The Green Mangoes were top-notch. The bagoong is very tasty that you'll really enjoy your green mangoes with it.

Rice was so plenty but we managed to consume most of the it.

Everyone speaks highly of the Turones which is the slimmer version of a turon. It may have gone most of its time in a gym (Lol) but the taste is competitive with what others have to offer. The greens was used just to make the dish to look more attractive for photo ops but there's no stopping you from eating it as well.

Fried Saging na Saba with Haleya - that dip called Haleya made the fried banana extra special

This goes the same with the Fried Kamote with Haleya. 

The fried banana and sweet potato used is just your typical fruit and root crop but the Haleya was what made the difference.

Kape Zambo manager smiles before the camera! Thanks, boss!

Meet my new-found friends from Zamboanga!

A thumbs up for Kape Zambo! Our lunch filled us up satisfactorily and ready to perform our tasks for the day. We will be covering the Grand Civic and Military parade afterwards that day so the meal was filling enough to power us good for the whole day.

We actually had a lot of left-overs because the servings were just too much for just the four of us.

Thank you Kape Zambo for a wonderful lunch.

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