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Dusit Thani Manila Hotel: Where Family Staycations Become Memorable

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To continue with our Dusit Thani Manila Hotel family staycation story, I left you wondering what it was like inside our hotel room. Well now I bring you inside to get a few glimpses of how it looked like.

Since it was a family staycation, the room should be big enough for all five of us (two adults and three kids aged 15, 14 and 10). Lucky enough, we were given a hotel suite at the 12th floor.

Basically, there were two partitions. One partition is where you can find two beds along with some tables and a flat screen TV monitor where you can watch cable TV, and the other the living room containing a sofa set plus an extra bed for the fifth member of our family. The living room also had a flat screen TV monitor with cable TV connection. Its like living at home except that there was no kitchen and dining area.

However, who needs a kitchen in a hotel when it already has four specialty restaurants that can serve the best meals possible. But we'll be sure to visit the hotel gym as too much eating will surely increase our waist size soon.

We neatly lined up our shoes after entering the room. Not that are shoes were dirty, but because we simply wanted to enjoy the feel of the carpeted floor on our feet.

My two boys decided to share one bed while we had the other. Meanwhile, my daughter opted to have the extra bed located at the living room so she can have her privacy while watching her favorite TV series on the flat screen TV.

My kids enjoyed watching TV shows at the living room area. Though there was another TV at the bedroom, they chose to stay at the living room area so they could sit properly on the sofa set.

The first thing that my youngest did was to fill up the bath tub with warm water and dip in the nude. He was a bit shy facing the camera but he was really enjoying the day. We don't have the luxury of having a bath tub at home due to space constraints so my son took every opportunity to take a bath there.

I think he filled that bathtub several times within our overnight stay because he took a bath every time we got into our room before and after every meal.

Loved taking a warm shower before going to bed.

My daughter wears the bathrobe even though it was too big for her, and uses the hair dryer to dry her hair.

The room actually had two toilets but only one has a bathtub and shower facility. The second toilet was convenient in case one urgently needed to answer the call of nature while someone was taking a shower, or in most cases, when you can't stop your kid from playing in the bathtub.

My youngest' gifts from the hotel were neatly placed in one of the tables while he took a bath. He actually appreciated the VIP treatment that he was actually wearing the crown most of the time.

The beds were comfy enough for a well relaxed sleep. There was also choices to request for specialty pillows from the hotel. I am not just sure if there is an added cost.

We had a desk having a few brochures on top containing information about Dusit Thani Manila hotel.

Dusit Thani Manila has undergone a few name changes as it passes from one owner to the next. But the improvement to the hotel, to make it more competitive with international standards, are always ongoing. In fact, we had a bit of an unfortunate time doing the family staycation during the time when their pool was undergoing renovation. The Japanese garden was also off limits that day so we couldn't get inside and settled for just a view from the outside.

It doesn't really matter as the kids were very much contented with the bathtub.

The moment my son learned about the chair as a toy he can use to spin around until he gets dizzy, he spent very little time hesitating to try it out.

My youngest enjoyed the simplest pleasures in life like spinning around in a revolving chair. There he goes like he doesn't want to stop.

Check out the view from one of our two windows offering a view of EDSA highway and intersection. Yes! We have two windows were the second one displays a view of Pasay Road. You should see what it looks like during early morning when the sun shines towards the buildings from afar.

There were complimentary bottled water, coffee and tea good for four people on an overnight stay.

Other notable features are the flat iron that can be found inside the cabinet where the bathrobes, hangers, blow dryer, complimentary slippers, and safe can be found.

The whole family would like to thank the management and staff of Dusit Thani Manila for the very friendly greetings and courteous assistance that we keep on getting all over the hotel.

Our weekend was extraordinarily fabulous that we hated going home. Lol!

Seriously, we had an excellent time on our family staycation over the weekend. It is just too bad we can't stay longer to really feel what it is like to live a life of luxury.

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  1. Thank you very much Dusit Thani Manila and Ms. Liezl for this worth reminiscing experience...God bless you all hundredfold....


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