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10 Health Benefits of Sex You Need to Know

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No wonder the population in Philippines is predicted to become 100 million soon because, just like the rest of the world, Filipinos love sex not just because of the aroused feeling and sensation we get, but now we have learned that there are a lot of health benefits. 

All health benefits posted below are true. However, there are reminders that you need to remember: do it only with your partner to prevent relationship problems and health issues, worst are AIDS and other similar diseases that are brought about and spread by having multiple partners.

Make love only with your wife or husband. Sometimes sex hurts when a partner perform sex with the another man or woman, and sometimes sex is the source of many kinds of violent rape, and it can also ruin family and marriages.
We can't deny the fact that sex is so rampant nowadays.. so instead of acting holy which would make us a hypocrite, let us just face the truth and be thankful for the useful information we get from such sensitive subjects.
Sexual organs are unique gifts so that married or consenting couples could enjoy being together until death do them apart.

1 . Having sex relieves headaches. Every time you make love , it releases the tension in the veins of the brain.

2 . A lot of sex can clear the stuffy nose. Sex is a natural antihistamine . It helps to fight against asthma and spring allergies .

3 . Making love is a spectacular beauty treatment. Scientists have discovered that when a woman has sex , it produces a large amount of estrogen that gives shine and softness to hair.

4 . Sex is one of the safest sports. Make love often strengthens the muscles of male and female body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps in the pool and there is not need special shoes!

5 . Make love slowly, smoothly and in a relaxed way reduces the chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and acne. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow .

6 . Lovemaking can burn all the calories you have accumulated during the romantic dinner before bedtime.

7 . Sex is a divine remedy for depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream , creating a state of euphoria and leaving women and men with the feeling of being unique.

8 . Sex is the tranquilizer and muscle relaxant to a safer world . It is a thousand times more effective than Valium .

9 . Sexually active body releases more pheromones. 

10 . Kissing each day will keep you more time away from the dentist. Kissing is an art which makes the cleaner teeth and saliva reduces the amount of acid that causes tooth decay . This prevention eliminates many problems, in addition to offering a breath constantly renewed!

Sex should not be used as a remedy or medicine, as what this post is pointing out. Lovemaking s a sacred act, a true culmination of couples love for each other therefore it should be consummated out of love not because of the health benefits that you'll get for doing it.

Sex is healthy if regulated. But over-indulgence in sexual activity can exhaust the constitutional essence and may lead to a clinical pattern known as kidney deficiency. This is the view in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sex is healthy if you do it with your partner that you love. But sex with multiple partners is not good.

11. Having sex with your man is a great way to know he's not having sex with someone else, at that time! Have sex all the time to be sure all the time.

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  2. Das ist sehr interessant. Es ist schade, dass im Alter Probleme mit der Potenz beginnen, obwohl Sie immer noch Sex haben wollen. Nun, obwohl es solche Mittel wie gibt, können Sie Ihr Sexualleben ernsthaft verlängern und es sogar viel lebendiger machen.

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