Monday, December 30, 2013

Halloween Parties: Disrespect for the Dead?

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We all know that November 1, remembered as a holiday is known as All Saints Day or the Celebration of the Dead in Catholic Church. This is a traditional celebration for the deceased especially those people who are in our family, our close friends or even our idols. We recall them by visiting to their grave, give them flowers and light candles symbolizing our love for them will not end. Not only we visit the dead but also this is the time where we tend to have a reunion in a family or a friendship. 

But nowadays, only few people are doing this tradional practice. Instead, they just dress in a horrific image and join to a party and having fun. Though it is an opportunity for some people because they have the chance to win prizes and see lot of dressed people, do this parties is a disrespectful act for the dead?

I will not answer the question and let you decide. Instead, I will give my arguments on both side.
First, being in a party is not a bad thing as long as you know your responsibilities. If a person joins in a party after visiting the dead in a cemetery, then this is not a disrespectful act for the dead. Second, learn to balance the priorities. Is that party really important to you than the deceased person whom you loved? If your answer is yes, then the act is disrespectful for him or her. Third, is the party a halloween costume or a party with lots of beer and people are singing and shouting like a wild dog? the former is a good thing but the latter sounds disrespectful. Fourth, if you will join or busy with something, just make sure that you will visit them in another day so that it will not sound disrespectful for them. The last but not the least, do you have family, friends or relatives that you will visit?

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  1. Halloween parties are not common here in the Philippines. We don't have Trick or Treats, we usually go to the tomb of our late grandparents and relatives. November 1 and 2 are the dates that we commemorate them, the dead.

  2. In our country only few people does Trick or Treat or goes to party during Halloween, most of us visits the tombs of our loved ones who already past away. For me, going to parties is not a disrespect for the dead as long as at the very end of that party they will go reminisce about their loved ones. I know that there are just some people who want to lighten up their mood, people who wanted to escape their sad lives remembering the people who already left them. So for me, Halloween Parties are not a disrespect for the deceased it just a escape goat of the sad ones.

  3. This article seems to have a point. During Halloween, it gives all people who passed away importance. This day was made for them. We should give them peace and not wild parties. We should go to their tombs and remind our love for them. Anyway, it is not a problem in the Philippines.

  4. Halloween parties aren't made to make a fool out of the dead. They are done to reminisce the sense of halloween, the day of the dead, therefore, done to reminisce the dead people. It is but due disrespect to them if we physically trash their place in earth.

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